Adam beach is departing NBC"s crime drama "Law & Order: SVU" in ~ the end of the season. Coast joined penis Wolf"s crime drama last fall under a one-year deal, which had actually an option for a second. The two sides have decided not to practice the option.

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Adam beach is departing NBC’s crime drama “Law & Order: SVU” at the finish of the season.

Beach joined prick Wolf’s crime drama last fall under a one-year deal, which had an option for a second. The 2 sides have determined not to practice the option.

On “L&O: SVU,” from wolf Films and Universal Media Studios, coast plays Chester Lake, an SVU detective from Brooklyn.

“I very much delighted in my year top top ‘Law & Order: SVU’,” beach said. “Now I’m looking forward to brand-new adventures.”

Beach joined “L&O: SVU” top top the heels that his starring function in Wolf’s Emmy-winning HBO movie “Bury My love at injured Knee,” i beg your pardon earned the gibbs a gold Globe nomination.

“Adam is a superb actor,” wolf said. “From the an initial day i met that on the collection of ‘Bury My heart at hurt Knee,’ ns was knocked out by his commitment, dedication and also total immersion in the film’s most critical role. He did a wonderful job this season on ‘SVU,’ and also I look front to working v him again in the near future.”

Beach’s leave from “L&O: SVU” follows the news that an additional regular top top the show, veteran Diane Neal, likewise is exiting the series.

It is taken that Neal’s A.D.A. Casey Novak will be changed with a new A.D.A. Character to be introduced next season. Beach’s role is not intended to it is in recast.

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