LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis played man and wife on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne,” and there has constantly been a controversy about them gift married. However, reports show that LaVan is still very much single.

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Hollywood star LaVan Davis that played Curtis Payne top top “House of Payne” starred alongside Cassi Davis, that was his TV wife. Due to the fact that of their comparable surnames, there have been speculations the they space married.

However, the TV pair has revealed that their onscreen chemistry did not extend to their real-life situations. If Cassi is married, LaVan is still solitary and is an standard bachelor. 

Cassi and Lavan Davis showed up on “You & Me” where they provided updates around the beloved household show and some backstories. The two additionally clarified your marital status.

The hosts informed the stars the whenever your names to be googled, many entries verified that the inquiries asked were around the duo gift married to every other. 


Cassi take it the floor come which she common that she and also LaVan would certainly make a joint proclamation on the question. The pair speak together, to which she uttered a “no,” when LaVan playfully said “maybe.”

This led to everyone come laugh together the hosts thought they wanted to save the dispute going. Cassi objected come this, noting that she had a “wonderful sweetheart.”

In an additional of his interviews, LaVan once again evidenced that he was not married. When the hold asked the if he to be single, the actor claimed he was while adding that he had dated a couple of times. 

After confirming the she and also LaVan were not an item, Cassi opened up about her love life in another interview. The “Madea” star do it well-known that she “jumped the broom” with the love of her life.

The 54-year-old star revealed details on she relationship, make it known that the male she married was she high institution sweetheart. Cassi described that they reconnected in 2007 and also started dating again.

The pair kept up with each other and bonded with the years. Now that they space married, she made it well-known that it was a beautiful step. Cassi gushed around her high college love noting the every moment was lovely v him.


Cassi and LaVan have actually shared that when they worked separately on earlier film projects, TV icons Chip and Kim fields thought they have to work together. LaVan joked that he did not favor Cassi when he an initial met her.

The hosts relayed that their TV chemistry was so impressive, and their last names have added to how human being thought they were either associated or married.

The pair have once featured on own TV behind the scene reduced for “House the Payne,” wherein they opened up up on what it was choose working top top the household sitcom. 

Cassi contrasted the show’s creator. Tyler Perry to a “big kid,” who made working on collection look prefer being ~ above a playground. She relayed that the award-winning actor lugged out the child in the gibbs and permitted them to have fun.

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She, however, clarified that he to be also around serious work, wanting everyone to recognize their currently accurately. LaVan shared that it to be a blessing working v Perry. Cassi included that the movie an equipment was an extremely creative.

Last month, many TV lovers took to their society media pages, reflecting their concerns around the absence of LaVan “Curtis” Davis top top the new season the “House the Payne.”

Due to numerous concerns, the “House of Payne” fan page relayed the the actor was on “a barbecue tour” and also would no be ~ above the display anytime soon. However, there were no indications that LaVan had actually left the show. 

When season 10 premiered, pan noticed LaVan was present, yet his absence was i found it on the 3rd and fourth episodes title “All Lumped Together” and “Back the Thang Up.” The fan page short article shared the his admirers need to be hopeful around his return. 

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