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A major early-season hefty snowfall impacted north Georgia native Friday, December 8th into the morning of Saturday, December 9th. Plenty of locations tape-recorded up come a foot that snowfall, which is exceptionally rare for Georgia, especially in early on December! This hefty snowfall likewise led to plenty of power outages. In ~ the elevation of the storm over 200,000 customers in phibìc Georgia were in the dark. There was a sharp northwest come southeast gradient the accumulating snow through metro Atlanta. Areas southeast of Atlanta did no receive lot accumulating snow, while areas north and also west of the city received very significant totals.

Snow accumulation Map:


Above: The heaviest snow accumulations emerged in a ribbon extending from Carroll County right into the northwestern Atlanta suburbs and into the phibìc Georgia mountains. As much as a foot the snow gathered in this areas!

Satellite picture December 9th:


Above:A visible satellite picture of north Georgiaon the afternoon that Saturday, December ninth shows much of the eye that fell on Friday and early Saturday stayed on the ground.
For snowfall reports from a specific county, click the county name of attention below. Counties room sorted alphabetically.

Event Photos

Over 10" that snow collected in the Brookstone Subdivision in Acworth. (courtesy of kris Dolce)

Acworth, GA

About 13" of eye was videotaped in Jasper. (courtesyof Dean Davis)

Jasper, GA


Trees drooped and also broke under the load of a foot that heavy, wet snow in Hiram. (courtesy the Brandie Freeman)

Hiram, GA

About 8" of snow fell at this ar along the Cobb/Fulton county border in Roswell. (courtesy

Roswell, GA


The Carroll county Courthouse is covered in several inches that snow. (courtesy of Carroll ar Gov't)

Carrollton, GA

Snow fallout’s in Midtown Atlanta ~ above December 8, 2017. (courtesy of Jeremy Mills)

Atlanta, GA


Several customs of snow gathered along the Atlanta BeltLine in Inman Park. (courtesy that Atlanta BeltLine)

Atlanta, GA

This aerial see of a Fayette County ar shows a ceiling of eye on the morning the December 9th. (courtesy

Fayette County, GA


The Union County historical Courthouse ~ above the morning the December 9th.

Blairsville, GA

The hefty snow brought about extensive damage to power infrastructure. (Courtesy of Cobb EMC)

Powder Springs, GA


This aerial check out of Georgia Tech and Midtown Atlanta mirrors the numerous snow cover. (Courtesy that Zonglin Jack Li)

Atlanta, GA

Berry College to be picturesque in the snow. (Courtesy the Berry College)

Rome, GA

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