1979 was a far-ranging year in the background of the NHL (National Hockey League). 1979 to be the year the the put on of helmets ended up being mandatory. It was additionally the year the Craig MacTavish started his experienced Hockey career in the NHL.It’s additionally worth noting that MacTavish was drafted by the Boston Bruins in 1978, signing his contract prior to the 1979 helmet dominion came right into effect.

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canva.comAs one Avantlink and also Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Disclosure Statement.Craig MacTavish to be the critical NHL player to not wear a helmet. Though he began his skilled career in 1979 attract a helmet, when he retirement in 1997 he to be no longer wearing a helmet.The road that caused Craig MacTavish’s selection is an interesting one. Review on come learn exactly how the NHL helmet preeminence was obtained by players, and also how and also why Craig MacTavish held out because that so long.JUMP come :How the NHL Helmet Rule concerned BeWhy Helmet usage Was Frowned UponCraig MacTavish: The critical NHL Player to no Wear a HelmetThe modern NHL Helmet RuleFinal ThoughtsTop ↑

How the NHL Helmet Rule concerned Be

When the NHL very first got its begin in 1917, attract a helmet was not a typical occurrence. In fact, the very first routine usage of a helmet for safety and security was by George Owen in the 1928-29 season.After that it seemed prefer helmet usage would spike every time there was a traumatic injury, beginning with the incident in between Ace Bailey and also Eddie shore in 1933. But, it was the fatality of bill Masterton in 1968 the really kicked turn off the idea the helmet use must be mandated in the league.Wearing a helmet was no at all famous until it became mandatory in 1979, and even then players that had signed their very first professional contract prior to the judgment were maybe to sign a waiver and opt out of attract a helmet. In ~ this point, around 30% of football player opted out of wearing a helmet.

Why Helmet usage Was Frowned Upon

It took 18 years before helmet use ended up being universal in the NHL, and the procedure was slow for a reason. Not only were over there aesthetic reasons, but players did have actually some valid performance concerns.Before the mandate in 1979, hockey players were skeptical to use a helmet, even if they believed it would administer them with better protection. As lengthy as plenty of players to be not using a helmet, the pressure to avoid one was enough to border helmet usage.Top ↑

Craig MacTavish: The critical NHL Player to not Wear a Helmet

Craig MacTavish refers to the reasons mentioned above when request why he refuse to stay a helmet, although he had already become accustomed to wearing a helmet native his college playing days prior to he moved up to the Boston Bruins in 1979.It to be not until MacTavish joined the Edmonton Oilers 5 seasons later on that his helmet use stopped. He had become an ext and an ext comfortable practicing without one, therefore it seemed to make feeling to apply that to his experienced games.MacTavish walk three periods without utilizing a helmet, yet he did revert earlier to wearing one in the 1988-89 season. As soon as he stopped after this allude the key reason he discussed was overheating.MacTavish would gain so warm that that would gain physically sick throughout the game, and so that decided against helmets complying with that season.Luckily, MacTavish did no suffer any injuries come the head because that the totality of his hockey career, and when he retired in 1997 the closest thing he had actually to a helmet to be the hair on his head.Top ↑
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqkt4SfReMEVideo can’t it is in loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Craig MacTavish "End to End" goal vs Blackhawks – 1990 Playoffs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqkt4SfReME)
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The modern NHL Helmet Rule

The NHL helmet preeminence has not adjusted much v the years, and you can read around it, along with other uniform regulations, in the official Rule publication of the NHL. Because that the most part, players space expected to:Wear a helmet the meets the design, material, and construction standards of the LeagueEither departure the playing surface or conveniently recover the helmet if it comes off during playAvoid interfering with other player’s helmetsThe only time it appears to be it s okay for a player to it is in on the ice without a helmet is if that player is the goalkeeper, they shed their helmet, and the the opposite team has control with an prompt opportunity to score.Failing come adhere to this rules can result in differing penalties, however it can also result in injury come the player.

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Final Thoughts

Helmet usage in the NHL has been controversial with the years, but the knowledge that helmets safeguard players from significant injuries and also even fatality seems to have sunk in.Now spectators and players alike have actually turned their attention to arguing around the verbiage the helmet use throughout games, however neither party appears to refute the safety offered by protective gear.Top ↑
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