It"s the moment numerous teachers dread: comes up v a preschool graduation speech .... (queue in horror film music here).  

Fears of gift unprepared and also stammering to fill our heads, anxiety may set in and many think,

"I am not a windy speaker!  I dislike public speaking!  I to be a preschool teacher!  I LOVE teaching preschool!"

Take a breath.... True!  Remember her "Why"...why you space planning preschool graduation concepts in the an initial place:  it is to celebrate the children and their year!  


Giving a preschool graduation decided is additionally an possibility to publicly thank your family members for sharing and entrusting their child(ren) through you.  

In addition, it is an opportunity to give thanks to staff such as the director, co-teachers, assistance staff and volunteers.

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As you are thinking the what to say, who to acknowledge and how lengthy to take remember this one, important factor: This is no a keynote speech because that college!Let"s speak it again:  It is a preschool graduation speech!

This is preschool!  Yes, your students might be going off to kindergarten or relocating up to Prek, but, it is quiet preschool!  BE YOURSELF!  

That, ~ all, is why parental entrusted the kids in your program"s care to start with!

Don"t put press on yourself to it is in "formal"...instead.... Put push on yourself to it is in "you"!  Or, in the native of Dr. Seuss:

“Today you room You, that is truer 보다 true. Over there is no one alive who is Youer 보다 You.”

There....feel better?  This is a funny day and your preschool graduation speech principles should keep that truth in mind! :)

Well, one more fact to save in mind.  Because this is Preschool Graduation, that method the preschoolers are sitting there......waiting.......excited......nervous......poking your friend alongside them!

And, lock are.... Brace yourself.... I understand you"ve functioned all year top top this.......but......get ready........

They room NOT LISTENING come YOU when you provide your speech!

Phew, there, I"ve stated it!  So, this decided is no for them--even if you attend to the kids in this preschool graduation speech (And no, i don"t median saying something prefer "And this year we have ALL learned to LISTEN as soon as SOMEONE else IS TALKING, haven"t us Cheryl?")

What I median is that while you room presenting your speech they periodically hear.... Well, right here is my allude when it involves preschoolers and also speeches:

You know that is what they room hearing!  When friend are giving your preschool graduation speech, be certain to have 1 or 2 adult sitting through the kids to redirect them throughout this time!  That"s all I"m saying!  

There are many varieties of preschool graduation speeches.  You could give an actual speech, review a story or show a DVD that the children!  

As I said earlier, remember to just be you!  

Here room a couple of ideas because that speeches.  

Feel complimentary to usage these and modify as you must for your own program!    

A "Welcoming" Preschool Graduation speech Idea

Preschool Graduation decided Idea #1Traditional Speech


written through me, miss Cheryl, at Preschool setup It

This is the common speech or welcome speech i give.  It contains a say thanks to you and accolades to staff and also introduces the stars:  The Preschoolers!

"Hi everyone!  Thank girlfriend so much for coming!  We space SO excited around today, aren"t us boys and also girls??!!!

Today is a really special day.  Today us celebrate her children"s life and also times in preschool!  

It"s hard for countless of friend to believe that the time has come for boy or children.... Your babies, are beginning kindergarten isn"t it?

When your children first started preschool-there was lot separation anxiety.  The beginning of a new school year is prefer that because that children...and because that parents!  

The beginning of the institution year was a time of structure trust v the children......and through you.  It to be a time of structure relationships together and creating a team with one mutual goal:  Providing your youngsters with what they needed to develop and also grow together preschoolers.

That trust was built, relationships and teams create.  We relocated through the year--as a team--growing and learning and also building a structure your kids will lug with them to Kindergarten.

And now, the is very hard for us to believe your youngsters are leave us!  You have actually entrusted the most necessary thing in your stays to us--your child.  We can"t call you how much we evaluate that trust!  

We thank you for sharing your youngsters with us.  We say thanks to you for allowing us come be component of your family throughout this time.

And now, the is the finish of the year.  It is time for your children to move on and, guess what?  It is us.... The teachers...who have separation anxiety.  We will miss out on your children more than friend know.  But, us smile through the goodbye tears since we room so thankful to have been part of your lives and also your family during this time.

And, I want to say thanks to the teachers today.  Thank girlfriend for your dedication come the children and also their families. Say thanks to you for your thoughtful planning and time invested in the lives of each and every one of these children!There to be a poem created by forest Witcraft that talks about teachers and it definitely applies to the teachers, assistance staff and volunteers right here today:

One hundred years from now

It won"t matter

What type of vehicle I drove

What sort of home I lived in

How much money I had in the bank

Nor what my cloths looked like


The human being may be a small better

Because, ns was important

In the life of a child.

And you were.  You were crucial to each and also every among these children.  Thank you.

And now, the children are an extremely excited to obtain this party started, right?  Okay, let"s hand end the routine to the children!"

Here is as soon as your children  might sing their songs or perform their play they have actually been practicing!

Preschool Graduation speech Idea #2Laugh and Be every You can Be


Here is one more you deserve to use and modify to accomplish your program"s needs.  It is indigenous StudyMode 

"We are right here today because that "ABC Preschool"s Graduation Ceremony. This is a momentous occasion in the stays of every the children. 

It is likewise a time to recognize the outstanding occupational of the employee here and the parental of the students.

Just looking around, the happy smiling encounters says for this reason much around the setting here at abc Preschool. Our children have learned for this reason much. The college places good value ~ above community, learning and also fun.

I am proud the the means the kids love coming right here to school and also look front to what castle learn. See the large smiles top top their encounters in the morning is fantastic. They have actually learned come love learning and also that ability will help them so lot as they development with their education.

Life is not just about learning come read and write. They are important, yet just as important is love and friendship. 

This school places good emphasis on being part of the community. This is a lifelong skill which will assist all of us flourish. 

It might seem slightly old-fashioned, yet a feeling of ar to me is really important to the future that our nation and our children.

So, say thanks to you to the various other teachers here, the love you have actually for the kids shines with in your results. Give thanks to you to every the parental who have actually willingly provided their time volunteering here, and also who have actually raised together wonderful children!

Looking ahead, our children are really well-equipped to take on the next component of their educational lives. They have strong foundations and also we feel really confident that us have provided the youngsters a good start in life. They have actually learned many priceless lessons. 

So, children: take on challenges, it is in loving, love learning, be part of the community, laugh and be every you have the right to be. 

Thank you."

Preschool Graduation speech Idea #3:We provide You Child earlier Now

This preschool graduation speech is called We provide Your Child ago Now (author unknown)

Dear Parents,

We provide you back your child, the very same child friend confidently entrusted to our care last fall. We give him back pounds heavier, inches taller, month wiser, more responsible, and more mature climate he was then.

Although she would have attained her growth regardless of us, it has actually been ours pleasure and also privilege come watch she personality unfold day by day and marvel at this splendid wonder of development.

I offer him ago reluctantly, for having actually spent nine months with each other in the narrow confines of a overfilled classroom, we have grown close, have come to be a part of each other, and we shall constantly retain a little of each other.

We have lived, loved, laughed, played, studied, learned, and also enriched our lives together this year. I wish it can go ~ above indefinitely, yet give him earlier we must. Take treatment of him, for he is precious.

Remember that us shall always be interested in your child and his destiny, wherever he goes, whatever he does, whoever the becomes. His joys and also sorrows us will always be happy come share.

Preschool Graduation decided Idea #4:Read a Story rather of A Preschool Graduation Speech!

Yes!  Have the kids gather on the floor in former of you, choose a final Circle Time or Story Time!  Wear a microphone for this reason the households can listen it together well.


The book, Oh, The locations You"ll Go!
, by Dr. Seuss is a great choice for graduation!
This story is defined by Amazon

A perennial favorite, Dr. Seuss’s wonderfully wise graduation decided is the perfect send-off because that children beginning out in the world, be they nursery school, high school, or college grads!

From soaring to high heights and also seeing great sights to gift left in a Lurch top top a prickle-ly perch, Dr. Seuss addresses life’s ups and downs with his trademark humorous verse and also illustrations, when encouraging readers to discover the success the lies within.

In a starred review, Booklist notes: “Seuss’s post is an easy but never ever sappy: life might be a ‘Great Balancing Act,’ but through it every ‘There’s fun to be done.’”

Preschool Graduation speech Idea #5:Growing Up

For a few weeks before graduation, talk with your preschoolers about one of your favorite things or memories about preschool!  Write castle down.


Cheryl remembers the day we brought snow inside to play with.Joey remembers being Superman with John and how they saved the dolls from the poor guy.Give every youngster an possibility to re-publishing one fond storage of this college year and one hope because that the comes year. Be sure to write down among your own as well!

Preschool Graduation decided #6:Moving On

Here"s one more story instead of a decided idea!  Again, wear a microphone therefore the households can hear it together well.

In this lover story, the young crab is farming up.  It outgrows its residence (shell) and also moves into an additional one.  After reading the story, tell the children and also families, the kids have lot in usual with the crab:

They are likewise growing up!  They are moving on.... Into a brand-new phase that school--kindergarten (or Prek), despite we will remember the fun we had in preschool!

At this point, usage the details you gathered end the past couple of weeks around each child"s favorite storage of preschool!  Have each son stand up and share their favorite memory or you can share it for them!

Preschool Graduation speech Idea #7:Our Year in Review: A DVD Viewing

In lieu the a lengthy preschool graduation speech, show a DVD montauge that the children"s year.

This to be a struggle every single year!  It was started by my mentor, miss Peggy and also I ongoing the tradition!

Give a quick speech, thanking the parents and also staff and then display the DVD in lieu of her speech!

Say something like:

"Welcome to her children"s preschool graduation ceremony!  We give thanks to you so much for sharing your children with us and entrusting them to us.  They have learned and also grown so much throughout this time!

The youngsters have a few surprises for you!  They want to ___________ (sing a couple of songs, fingerplays, act the end a play---fill in the blank for your regimen details).  But first, we have a surprised for you!

Rather 보다 tell friend what your kids have done all year, we desire to show you and also reminisce v you! Enjoy!"

Invite the kids to come sit down near the front for this reason they can see also!

Play the DVD!

Creating the DVD in lieu that a preschool graduation speech because that the above idea:

This takes some time however is worth it!  If you begin saving digital photos of the children at the start of the year, the process is quicker!  If friend are putting it together later in the year, it will just take an ext time to go through your photos!

Here room the steps.  (numbered)

1.Choose 1 picture of each kid where simply THAT son is in the photo.  Use your software application (I usage Microsoft paint or PowerPoint) to location their an initial name ~ above the photo.

2.Choose 4-5 an ext pictures of each child.  Have 3-4 of this photos reflecting the boy participating in a little or huge group activity.  Have 1-2 much more individual image of that boy (perhaps that them analysis a book, painting, play outside, etc.).

3.Upload the photos right into a DVD maker program.  There is most likely one top top your computer that girlfriend didn"t also know about! ;)  I usage Windows Live Movie Maker.

4.Be sure the separation, personal, instance children"s photos are the an initial ones in the program!

5.Create an arrival frame in the regimen such as "ABC Preschool course of 20XX".

6.Choose 2 song to play together background and upload them.

We have used 1 song that is sure to make the parental weep.... Yes, the IS our goal! and one tune that to be a favourite in the classroom this year.

For our 3-year-olds" DVD, we use the tune Let Them it is in Little
and typically a favorite track from Dr. Jean and also Friends
because that background musicFor our 4-year-olds we use Forever Young
by rod Stewart and a version of going on a bear Hunt
the they prefer to beat in the background.

Children and adults alike laugh and also giggle and LOVE this DVD.

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If you space able, make duplicates for each household as a gift!  

I recently had two various parents article me top top the Preschool setup It on facebook page (be sure to head over and also like the page, through the way!), to tell me they simply watched their preschool DVD and were reasoning of united state (and these kids graduated preschool 5 years ago)!

Preschool Graduation decided Idea #8:Speeches from the Preschoolers!

Preschool Graduation Speeches by...... The Preschoolers?  Why not?!

I have heard of some programs scheduling time because that speeches from their preschoolers.  This can be complicated it is a huge, windy "TELL" portion of a Show and also Tell.  It can be nerve-wracking because that them.  But, that can additionally be funny if brief and a fun question!

You simply never know what they will say!  Once idea would be to ask the children what they desire to be when they prosper up!  Don"t wait until graduation day to feather this question on them!  Give them time to think about it.  Ask the a few times in the weeks prior to graduation.

Here is an instance of one the was discovered on YouTube (not my program) that i think is so adorable!

Ending her Preschool Graduation Speech

At the end of the regime you can give another, really BRIEF, closing speech.  Keep it an ext like an announcement at this point!  The children are excited and also want come be with their families now!

"This concludes our Preschool Graduation Ceremony!  Please, please sign up with us because that refreshments and hugs in the _________ (list the place).  Thank girlfriend again because that sharing your children with us!

I expect you enjoyed these preschool graduation speech ideas and they have helped you get started on your decision for preschool graduation day!  Do you have actually one or much more speech or speech associated idea you"d choose to share?

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