Ok. I have model # 110.27072602 top pack washer. It"s around 6 years old, and sees a an excellent amount that use. I additionally only usage HE detergent. I unexpectedly started obtaining an SD on the display and stopping during the wash. I ran the washer empty (no detergent or clothing) twice v the exact same results. There need to be no suds issue. Ns ran a diagnostic cycle, and found one F71 and F72 code. "Sd" Suds recognize (Stored Error code F71) f72 (basket re-engagement failure)Did some virtual research and also found the column the tub rides on could come to be corroded and also cause one of the codes. Sure enough, that was the case. Ns cleaned the up, made sure the tub moved freely, and put it back together. Over there were only a couple of couns uncovered under the tub, so it"s not getting recorded up top top anything. Same trouble still. I then ran an empty wash and also found that the drainpipe pump pushes the water out great, but after the machine is empty, the pump maintained going. Ns then shut it off and ran an additional diagnostic test. In ~ C8, the bathtub drains no prob, yet the pump retained going for secondary 2 minute after obtaining out all the water, prior to I manually shut that down. I additionally ran a hands-on test for the spin and agitate. Lock both showed no abnormalities (I additionally made sure the bath tub floats when water was included during the agitate test). Now, any thoughts top top what the problem is? since the drainpipe pump pushes the end water favor crazy, however keeps running for one extended period after empty, i am guessing the electronic control unit. Deserve to anyone offer me a check on that? Is there part separate press switch that deserve to go bad? ns guess what I mostly need to recognize is what makes the drainpipe pump stop, and the an equipment go come it"s following task?

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Let united state know exactly how it goes.Jake
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Wow, i cant win. I changed the manage board through a brand-new one, exact same problem. Ns pulled off the drain pump, absolutely nothing in it. I did an automatic test of the an equipment with the new board, wouldn"t stop draining. I quit it after around 3 minutes of continuous draining and also being empty. Ns thin ran a rinse and also spin through no clothes in it. At the drainpipe point, that ran the drainpipe for about 10 minutes prior to going to the next step, and SD was displayed. Now I am yes, really stumped! any kind of ideas?
Video included in component link.Jake

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