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So I acquisition an oil filter turn off the web for my Kawasaki Mule agree fxt & the oil filter ns received had a box with a genuine Kawasaki component label on it however it to be made by Chery the end of China. So ns went down to the regional Kawasaki dealer and ask the parts man if I could see among the oil filters because that the Kawasaki Mule pro fxt and sure sufficient same specific box same precise oil filter do in China. Does anyone have actually a cross referral for a various brand for the oil filter?
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I usage the wix 51515xp,it brings my oil capacity up to a full 3QTS.It is a huge filter.Check out article #6 the this thread. Details
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Baldwin B33Hastings LF410Federated LF410FVery typical filter, readily available and inexpensive. Weird enough, my Mule, Dixie Chopper mower and Daihatsu mini van all usage the very same filter.

Baldwin B33Hastings LF410Federated LF410FVery usual filter, readily easily accessible and inexpensive. Weird enough, my Mule, Dixie Chopper mower and Daihatsu mini van all use the very same filter.
Adding yours to the list us have:Oil filtersKAWASAKI - 16097 FILTER-ASSY-OIL 16097-0010FRAM - PH4967WIX - 51394WIX - 51394XPRoyal violet - RYP10-2840Napa gold - 102840Napa silver - 102840Napa platinum - 102840Baldwin B33Hastings LF410Federated LF410F
I"m a mobile 1 guy, wondering if there is a cross recommendation for a mobile 1 oil filter or if they exist?

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