I walk to begin my mower one cool feather morning, however all I acquired was a hushed click noise. Ns knew appropriate away it was the battery. But I to be so excited and also eager come mow the I began to wonder: have the right to you jumpstart a riding lawn mower through a car?

After a fast consultation through my auto mechanic friend, I had actually my answer…

You deserve to jumpstart her riding mower v your vehicle as long as your mower has actually a 12-volt battery. There space some unique precautions you need to take, however.

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First that all, you don"t desire to fried food your mower"s electric system. You don"t desire to take it a bathtub in battery acid either. Many mower batteries still have actually lead in them, making security an even bigger concern.

How come Safely Jumpstart her Mower


Step 1 – move Your Car and also Mower Together

Push her riding lawn mower so it is close enough to your vehicle so your jumper cables will reach. That course, you can drive your car to your mower if that"s easier. Just be mindful not to acquire your automobile stuck. Make absolutely certain that the car and mower are not emotional at all. This is critical. Girlfriend don"t want a quick circuit. That can damages your car, her mower or both.


Step 2 – Clean Corrosion from Terminals

Use a battery terminal cleaner or part steel structure to clean any corrosion off the mower"s and also car"s battery terminals.


Step 3 – attach The Batteries

Now it"s time to affix the batteries. This needs to be done in a an accurate order, and you never affix the black jumper cable clamp come the dead battery.

First affix one of the red cable clamps to the optimistic terminal of her car"s battery. Then attach the red clamp top top the various other side that the cables come the hopeful terminal on her riding mower"s battery.Now affix the black jumper cable clamp ~ above the car"s next of the cables come the an adverse terminal on the car"s battery. Secure the black color clamp top top the various other side come a hefty unpainted component of the mower"s engine, not the battery.Start your car and also give your mower"s battery a few minutes to charge. Don"t mess through anything while the batteries space connected.If something goes wrong, disconnect the red clamp native the car"s battery, climate disconnect the red clamp indigenous the mower"s battery. In ~ this point, every little thing is safe and you deserve to disconnect the black color clamps. Begin over again, making certain to monitor the suitable order.


Step 4 – start The Mower

After the mower"s battery has charged for a couple of minutes, start the mower v the car"s engine tho running. Your mower need to start right up. If not, permit it fee for one more five minute and shot again.


Step 5 – Disconnect Jumper Cables

Once your lawn mower starts, disconnect the jumper cables in reverse order. That"s the black one top top the mower"s engine, the black color one from your car"s battery, the red one from her mower, climate the red one from your car. If you"re no going to walk ahead and also start mowing now, let the mower run for about 10 minutes come let the battery fee fully.

What If Jumpstarting Doesn"t Work?

If her riding lawn mower dies soon after disconnecting the jumper cables, or if that won"t start again once you turn it off, the mower"s battery might be shot. A talk mower"s battery just lasts an median of three years prior to it will no longer take a charge.

If the mower runs for a while ~ jumpstarting however dies ~ a few minutes, the trouble may be the alternator or voltage regulator. The alternator keeps the battery fee while the engine is running. The voltage regulator"s project is to allow the correct amount of juice with the mower"s electrical system.

So exactly how do girlfriend tell if it"s your battery, alternator or voltage regulator? You have actually to gain them all checked. Most shops that market mower batteries are equipped to check all three. Some places even inspect them because that free.

How execute I store My Mower"s Battery native Dying?

First, make certain the three vital components of your riding lawn mower"s electric system space working. If friend don"t understand what I"m talking about, friend must have skipped the ar above. Check out it!

You may discover that her mower battery demands to be charged or jumpstarted in ~ the start of every season.

This isn"t uncommon.

Batteries drainpipe slowly once they aren"t used. Some world take your mower"s battery out and also store it on a shelf throughout the off season. That"s much better than leaving the in the mower every winter, however there"s a far better way.

Get a great float charger to keep your battery completely charged all winter and ready to go in spring. Lock are simple to use. You simply plug it right into a standard outlet and also connect its clamps to her battery. Leave it connected all winter. If you need one, ns recommend Black and Decker"s model BM3B. I"ve had one for six years, and it"s never let me down.


You can likewise find a an excellent deal ~ above solar models. These work similarly to plug-in chargers, yet they usage the sun"s energy to keep your battery charged. Sunway Solar renders a an excellent one that is dependable, affordable and also easy come use.

Are There any Other ways To Jumpstart A Lawnmower?

You might be fear to usage your auto to jump off your mower. Ns understand. Ns was a little bit skeptical at first.

Even after talking to my mechanic friend, I had to think around it for a minute.

You"re good as lengthy as both her vehicle and riding mower run on a 12-volt electric system. But if you space skittish, there space a couple other ways you can acquire your mower started.

If you have an extra automobile battery laying around, you deserve to use it. Simply hook it approximately your mower the same way you would certainly if it remained in your car. You need to have special cables and really great connections because that this come work. That"s due to the fact that you"re relying specifically on the battery"s save power instead of the solid current from a running car"s alternator.

Just hook the cables increase and shot to begin the mower. If the works, that"s great. If not, your battery isn"t solid enough.

Some talk mowers deserve to be push-started prefer a vehicle with a manual transmission. I"ll phone call you exactly how to do it, yet keep in mind that this will only occupational on talk mowers that have actually a clutch. If friend don"t have actually a long, fairly steep hill on her property, you"ll require a friend to push. This have the right to be dangerous either way, so usage your ideal safety tool: typical sense. Make sure anyone approximately knows no to walk in front of your path, and also be certain there room no obstacles in the way. If you decision to abort if you"re coasting under the hill, rotate the ignition off and use your brakes.

Assuming you have actually a perfect hill, press your mower to the top. This is easier with help. Once at the peak of the hill, revolve the mower so that is encountering downhill. Make certain the parking brake is set firmly. Rotate the ignition on.

Now every one of the adhering to steps have to be excellent smoothly. Depress the clutch and change the transmission right into the lowest gear. Host the clutch down and also release the parking brake. If friend don"t immediately begin come roll under the hill, offer yourself a tiny push with your cost-free foot to acquire going. Once you feeling you"re at peak speed, release the clutch. The mower have to start. Go ahead and also mow for a while come let the battery charge.

If you have actually a friend push you instead of rolling down a hill, follow the same basic procedure. Pop the clutch at top speed.

How execute I save My speak Lawn Mower"s Battery In good Shape?

So, we"ve covered a few ways to gain your mower revving when its battery is dead, including exactly how to jumpstart it. But it"s ideal to be able to just revolve the crucial and acquire going.

Your battery deserve to last longer than 3 years, maybe more than twice as long, if girlfriend take an excellent care of it.

First, keep the on a float charger throughout the winter. This is more than likely the solitary best thing you deserve to do for her mower"s battery. Also if your mower starts best up in the spring, it still drained quite a bit during storage. The alternator will certainly charge it right back up, however that deep drain and quick recharge shortens the battery"s life.

Cold is additionally bad because that batteries. If friend can, store your battery in an area that stays above about 50 degrees. Store it connected to your float charger no issue what the temperature will be.

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Keep your terminals clean. This have to be component of your constant maintenance anyway, right together with cleaning under the deck, transforming the oil and spark plug, sharpening the blades and cleaning the air filter. Invest in a an excellent terminal cleaner. Girlfriend don"t need anything fancy. R​​udman provides a quite cheap one. It"s usually a steel-bristled brush designed for battery terminals.