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Alison Krauss is an American bluegrass-country singer and also musician. She signed through Rounder records in 1985 and also released her first solo album in 1987.

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Relationship facts of Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss is having an affair.Her sex-related orientation is straight.

More around the relationship

Alison Krauss was married come Pat Bergeson native 1991-2001. The couple divorced because of irrecoverable differences. They have a son (Sam Bergeson) together.

Alison dating she boyfriend john Waite presently. John is one English musician. They started to check out each other in 2007.

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Inside Biography

2 Alison Krauss: Age, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity3 Alison Krauss: expert Life, Career5 : Rumors, Controversy/Scandal

Who is Alison Krauss?

Alison Krauss is one American Bluegrass-Country singer, musician, producer, and also bandleader. Alison was a kid prodigy for this reason joined the music step at quite a young age.

She to be winning neighborhood competitions as soon as she was just 10 and recorded her very first song at the age of fourteen. She found her tendency popularity through her compilation, “Now the I’ve found You“.

Some the her greatest hits are: When you speak nothing at all(1994), Wishkey Lullaby(2003), under to the river to pray (2000).

Alison Krauss: Age, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity

Krauss to be born into a German-Italian lower immigrated parental in Decatur, Illinois top top July 23, 1971( currently 49). Her mother’s name is Louise Krauss and her father’s surname is Fred Krauss.

She has actually a brother, Viktor Krauss who is a musician as well.

She began learning classical violin at the age of 5 yet later changed to bluegrass. Krauss states that her mom obtained her connected in music. She to be a music prodigy as from the age the 8 she to be going right into local violin competitions and music shows.

Krauss holds American citizenship and was born and also raised in the U.S.A. Her genealogy is German and also Italian.

Education, School/College university

Krauss perfect high institution at Champaign main High School.

Alison Krauss: professional Life, Career

Alison’s job started an extremely early as she signed with among the many reputable people music labels Rounder Records just at the age of 14. Krauss developed a band referred to as “union station” through Pennell at the period of 12. In 1987, at the age of 16, she released her debut album Too late to Cry. Later on in 1989 Union Station also released its an initial group album two Highways.

In 1990, she released “I’ve acquired That Old Feeling” which was the first song by Krauss to climb in Billboard charts. She climate joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1993 in ~ the age of 21. She likewise collaborated through the Cox Family in 1994 on a bluegrass album called I know Who hold Tomorrow. Further, she collaborated through Crosby, Stills, and also Nash to contribute “Teach your Children” come the AIDS advantage album Red hot + Country produced by the Red warm Organization.

She exit “Now that I’ve uncovered You: A Collection”, in 1995, which is a compilation of older releases and some consist of of her favorite functions by other artists. The album peaked in the top fifteen top top the all-genre Billboard 200 chart and also is Krauss’ first double-platinum album.

Alison operated with Brad Paisley, in 2003, because that his album mud on the Tire. Lock performed a duet through the single “Whiskey Lullaby”. Krauss and Robert plant released a cooperation album in 2007, “Raising Sand”. The album gained RIAA-certified platinum.

Again in October 2007, Krauss and Plant videotaped a Crossroads distinct for the Country Music Television network, which very first aired top top February 12, 2008. Krauss is still active and is making tv visits in addition to going around tours. She released her recent solo album in 2017 called “Windy City,”

Awards, Nomination

Krauss shocked the totality music sector in 1990 as soon as she go away with the Grammys at the age of 19. She has 20 Grammys in total. The Recording Academy (which gift the Grammy Awards) honored her through a one-of-a-kind musical achievement honor in 2005.

Furthermore, she has won 14 International Bluegrass Music association Awards, 9 Country Music combination Awards, 2 Gospel Music combination Awards, 2 CMT Music Awards, 2 Academy of nation Music Awards, and 1 Canadian country Music Award. In 2002, Country Music Television ranked Krauss 12th on your “40 biggest Women of nation Music” list.

The Berklee university of Music forgive an Honorary Doctorate that Music come Alison Krauss in May 2012. She hometown the Champaign, Illinois designated the 400 block of West Hill Street together “Honorary Alison Krauss Way” in march of 2015.

Alison Krauss: network worth, Salary

This successful country singer has a network worth of $16 million. She has had a effective career as a nation singer-songwriter therefore she has actually earned a fortune.

: Rumors, Controversy/Scandal

In 2001, Alison reported that she and her then-husband play Bergeson were dividing up. The news to be true together they divorce in the very same year.

Health Issues

Krauss own Saprano’s voice i beg your pardon is the factor she gets dubbed angelic voice but in 2013, she was diagnosed with a condition called dysphonia.

She canceled number of performances with her bluegrass tape Union Station. She reported she frustration of no being able come sing and also having serious pain in the neck.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Alison Krauss is 5 ft 5 inches tall and weighs nearly 57 kgs. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

Social Media

Alison’s facebook page has actually a complying with of almost 800.7K. Alison is also active on Instagram with almost 52.3k and also on Twitter with almost 112k.

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