John Cena is arguably among the biggest superstars the WWE or the pro wrestling market has ever seen. The is a 16-time world champion and has countless other success which we have the right to speak around all day.

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However, every success story requires a details spark to push the individual front in the face of adversity. WWE Network newly released a documentary on that really spark or trigger which made john Cena what that is today.

At Unforgiven in 2006, man Cena faced Edge in a TLC enhance for the WWE Championship. Cena won the enhance after delivering the AA (then known as FU) on leaf from optimal of the ladder through two tables.

Cena then pulled out the championship and also his life adjusted from thereon. In the latest WWE Network documentary called ‘The Champ is here,’ Cena spoke around how he wanted to re-publishing this emotional and also special moment only with his father.

WWE hall of Famer Edge took to Twitter come tell his next of the story. The ‘Rated- R Superstar’ spoke about how hard he worked to be the Roddy Piper to man Cena’s Hulk Hogan.

Hometown battles, invading homes and also slapping dads, gift tossed in the lengthy Island Sound, cage matches, Last guy Standing matches, TLC matches, characters that to be polar opposites. Men behind the personalities that had the same goal. Currently on ⁦

John Cena expose his love because that the polarising pan reactions from the WWE Universe

John Cena to be the biggest Superstar of the 2000s decade. Surprisingly, Cena can never have actually all the audience top top his side.

For every ‘Let’s go Cena’ chant, there to be an equal and opposite ‘Cena sucks.’

“Every time you view me come out, it’s favor I’m shot out of a cannon. It’s due to the fact that I’m ready, I’m all set to go, and also that’s even if it is you’re informing me ns suck or even if it is you’re informing me that I’m great. That why ns orchestrate you to proceed to make noise due to the fact that as a performer, this makes me feel 10-feet tall. Just audible reaction,” Cena revealed.

Cena more said the the energy of the WWE world was something he constantly looked for. Even if it is the power was hopeful or negative, it constantly lifted him up.

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“I love it as soon as a team of people has therefore much energy that it’s viscerally negative towards me,” he added. “I likewise love it once the energy is so overwhelmingly positive, that does lift girlfriend up. It’s like, it’s every so f—ing wonderful.”



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