Jingle Bells paper music is just one of those need-to-know pieces because that beginner piano players.This totally free sheet has actually so numerous things going because that it, both for the student, and from the perspective of the teacher!

Here is solder Bells, together I give it to my beginners.  

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Why is this together a good song because that beginners?

First the all, jingle Bells is together a familiar tune, that also when it is not the Christmas season, small kids are often very excited to find out it.

Because of its familiarity, they will memorize it quickly, and also then, if girlfriend wish, you have the right to start including other activities.  

Like Mary had a tiny Lamb, this is a good song to usage as a foundation for discovering or polishing new skills.

Here is an also easier method to check out Jingle Bells.  These Alphanotes room like music keep in mind drawings:


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So what renders Jingle Bells sheet music for this reason versatile?

This easy piano music offers all 5 finger of the appropriate hand, stays in one "position", is basic to transpose!

This Christmas song is the perfect tool for working on pentascale positions (5-note major scales) and the three key chords.

Here that is v chord symbols:


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But there"s no left hand part!

I want my students come learn early how to read chord symbols, for this reason they deserve to play lead sheets.  

Each "C" over the melody line means "play a C chord here".  that will remain the chord that choice, generally sounded on each an initial beat that a measure, until a various chord symbol, such as "F" or "G", mirrors up.

See below how ns actually have my student play jingle Bells sheet music, with open chords (open fifths):


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Why not simply START v a command sheet?

I prefer my start readers to typically use music that mirrors the grand staff, together that is how they are discovering to find Middle C - the is "in the middle between the 2 staffs."  Indian Dance and also Lavender"s Blue space exceptions, however they are unfamiliar melodies, and also I have different goals v these songs.

And since they are beginning readers when I offer them this music, I desire as few distractions top top the music as possible.

I indicate you offer it to your piano students there is no the chord icons initially, or else make a allude of questioning them "What go this letter C typical here? and this letter F? and this G?"  A many them will certainly jump come the conclusion the the letter is informing them the name of the note below, also if they understand better. 

Depending on their familiarity with chords, you could be far better off with a plain sheet. Or, start in the very an initial week questioning THEM to play the chords for your right-hand melody.

The an extremely easiest means to include Left Hand

The very first week or so, if they currently have the suffer of putting LH chords come a RH melody, you can suggest the they use just a C chord the totality song, with no chord change, as in Indian Dance.

Also, suggest to them that the song will sound prettier if lock play it increase high ~ above the piano, so that it does sound "more prefer bells" - much more Christmas-y.

Then add the an additional chords

After a mainly or so prefer this, you have the right to start including in the "G pinch" chord (the G7 made with the f & g, making use of the 2 &1 finger of the left hand) and also the "little F" chord (f & a, again v the 2 & 1 fingers of the left hand).

The G pinch chord is easy, especially after playing Mary had actually a small Lamb, but beginners have actually a hard time with the small F chord, due to the fact that it necessitates the stretch that the thumb.

And they constantly want to move finger 3 top top the F, in spite of the truth that that is already sitting best there top top the F note!

Sometimes, after a struggle, I simply let young pianists substitute the G7 chord for the F chords, and also we come ago to the F chord later.

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If you are in search of more complicated versions (and prettier!) of solder Bells, you re welcome go come my other piano solder Bells music page.

Download links for jingle Bells:

Download solder Bells sheet music for beginner piano college student with level notes and also no chord symbols

Download Christmas piano music with letters in every the note-heads

Download Christmas tune with chord icons for beginner piano students, and also plain notes (no letters inside note heads)

Download free kids Christmas paper music through chord icons and also left hand created out

Have fun with this well-loved Christmas music!

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