The mrs in the track did the appropriate thing by not slamming ~ above the brakes, however simply questioning Jesus for aid is not the recommended way to acquire out of a skid. Instead, take her foot off the gas and steer in the direction you desire the car to go.

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Underwood was the 2005 American Idol winner. Together the display progressed, she was positioned together a nation singer and became the an initial winner the the display who was taken into consideration country. Some Hearts created her reputation as a pop friendly nation artist, debuting at #2 ~ above the united state albums chart and #1 ~ above the country chart.
This won the 2007 Grammy award for best Female country Vocal Performance. Underwood additionally won Best new Artist at the ceremony, beating James Blunt, kris Brown, Imogen Heap, and Corinne Bailey Rae.
This likewise won single of the Year in ~ the 2006 Academy Of country Music Awards, whereby Underwood was likewise named Top brand-new Female Vocalist.
The music video, command by roman inn White, attributes Underwood singing versus the backdrop of three residential scenes, including a young mommy trying come soothe she crying baby, one elderly man attempting come spoon-feed his unresponsive wife, and also a pair arguing over finances. By the end, each dispute is resolved.
This has actually inspired numerous memes, including a 2010 picture macro of Underwood informing Jesus to take the wheel, through Jesus replying, "I can"t drive, LOL!" another popular parody come from a 2013 Vine video clip where Jesus literally will in the driver"s window and bring away the wheel the a automobile while the track plays.

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Okukundakwe Samuel indigenous Kabale UgandaThanks for her beautiful songs.Lejean indigenous MsIf Jesus has actually the Wheel you have all the security You need in Life. Merely ask Him because that it, then start Thanking him (Jesus) for your answered Prayers. Every in the name of Jesus Christ! God bless each and also everyone of you always. Tangisi indigenous Vanuatu the a beautiful song.. God speaks..Star indigenous, GaOh my PIZZA!!! i LOVE she jeans!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW if you were t do that for true, you"d die. Perform NOT try at home! XD) Hayley from no Tellin, HiInspiring.Freda from Tema, GhanaIN truth THIS SONG has actually DONE much more THAN inspiring ME may GOD BLESS U COS I just FEEL brought AWAY ANYTINE ns LISTEN GOD BLESS U as soon as MOREBrittany from Indianapolis, Inthis song has actually a huge impact in my life i WISH occasionally HE CAN control MY LIFE THE devil HAS TOOKEN OVER.....that was me in ~ the age of 14 ,15this year i have actually learn to to trust in GOD IN just I LOVE THIS SONGGrace native Antioch, TnThanks Lisa Brown for her comments. I agree through you. There room so many times as soon as all you can do is throw up her hands and also trust in God to deliver you from her circumstances. If you have faith and also believe, the is the just one that can supply you. PS. I am indigenous Jamaica also.Grace indigenous Antioch, TnThis tune is so inspiring. I"ve to be listening come it all morning. This morning started out in a negative method and once I began listening to this track driving to job-related I simply started to cry. I was as with the young lady, questioning him to take it the wheel. Then I gained a speak to that my mommy fell and hit her head and that she is being rushed to the hospital and I knew that i was listening to this song for a reason. This tune is awesome. Thanks Carrie.David from port Hawkesbury, CanadaIt kind of provides me wonder how human being rely on faith so much. I"m strong, so ns don"t need it, but I can"t help but wonder just how the weak need it so much.Rhianna from Badonkadonkville, OhMy youth pastor placed it this way once::: She to be stupid in the city "Jesus take the wheel" rather of taking just the wheel, take my entire life the said. However I in reality disagree v him in this instance bc in a car, what does the steering wheel execute for you, the driver? it directs which way the auto goes. She is questioning Jesus to take it over and also be the driving force with which come lead her in the exactly direction. I view both sides. What execute you think? Who do you agree with?John native Newton Aycliffe, joined KingdomI would have actually said that the song represent if friend have confidence in something climate you can attain it.The ladies in the song had confidence in the jesus would conserve her and her child and he could additionally mean and never offer up top top the faith and also things you think in."Fifty mile to go and she was running low top top faith and also gasoline"Destiny indigenous Pittsburgh, PaWow, this track is so beautiful and inspiring, i can"t describe it... The emotion can"t be put right into words...Matthew native Milford, MaWhat an awesome metaphor this song makes...Sierra from Sactown, CaThis is an awsome tune with awsome lyrics...and she sings climate greatLisa indigenous Jamaica, WiIn an answer to the 2nd comment; castle are cases where humans will discover themselves having no control over.This song presents together a situation and also it is in these situations that the lord Jesus provides the oppertunity to display himself strong in our weaknesses.There to be no possibility for this woman in the auto except v the grace and mercy that Jesus.The holy bible says the kindness of God leader one to repentance.(Rom.2:4)-Lisa Brown Mandeville, Jamaica W.IDianne native Ft. Bening, GaEven though i am of an additional faith, I discover this song compelling and beautifully done. Religious-themed songs space so often hokey and also dripping however not this one. It sends out a an effective message, and Carrie Underwood sings it with conviction and sincerity. Ns can"t wait to hear much more from her. I heard her album has actually gone platinum 5 times over now, and it completely deserves it. Thank God we have actually a popular singer who deserve to actually sing!Alex native Nowhere, Gawell personally i think the vehicle is a metaphore for life and how the ice cream repersents the girl in the song losing regulate of her life (car). And also when she says "jesus take it the wheel" she allows jesus take control of her lifeNicole from Kenosha, WiI love this song, it inspires me and also just renders me feeling better. Ns can"t really explain it there is no sounding corny, lol. Carrie Underwood is amazing, she is beautiful, has actually a beautiful voice, is such a great person, and also if there to be such thing as the perfect human I think she would be it.Stacy from Sunbury, AustraliaWhen i an initial heard this tune i did no realise that it was actually Carrie Underwood singing it, ns was amazed as soon as i actually discovered this out. She has actually a beautiful voice and this track is beautiful beyond words. I love this song, my friend sang this now at a performance we had, she sang the wonderfully and also i cant get sufficient of this song. Love Stacysee an ext comments
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