Jane is a girl Holden met while summering in Maine 2 years before the events of The Catcher in the Rye. A type young woman, jane goes come a different private school than Holden, i m sorry is why Holden is surprised once his roommate, Ward Stradlater, speak him the he’s walking on a date with her. Together Stradlater prepares for this date, Holden tells him around his fond memory of Jane, explaining that Jane’s parents space divorced and also that she stays with her mother and also alcoholic stepfather. Later on in the novel, Holden speak a story about trying to make Jane feel better after a seemingly meaningless exchange with her stepfather made her cry. Back Holden and also Jane never did an ext than hold hands, Holden fixates on the relationship they had, idealizing Jane together the perfect woman. For this reason, he tries to work-related up the ship to contact her throughout his time in brand-new York City, despite he have the right to never bring himself to actually talk to her since he’s afraid that doing therefore will ruin the perfect picture he’s developed of her, and also of their connection.

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"My students can"t get sufficient of her charts and their results have gone with the roof." -Graham S.

The timeline listed below shows wherein the character Jane Gallagher shows up in The Catcher in the Rye. The fancy dots and also icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

...to take it out mentioned that she to know Holden. She name, Stradlater says, is Jean Gallagher. “Jane Gallagher,” Holden says, correcting him. This news thoroughly surprises Holden, due to the fact that he really does know...(full context)

As Stradlater shaves, Holden speaks at length about Jane, remembering the she’s a dancer and that she used to keep all of her kings...(full context)
Once more, Holden claims he should go downstairs to to speak hello to Jane, and Stradlater asks that why that keeps speak that yet not law anything. “I’m not...(full context)
Holden asks what Stradlater and Jane are going to do, and Stradlater says they can go to brand-new York City if...(full context)
Holden security the following several hrs fretting around what’s happening in between Stradlater and Jane on their date. This is largely since he to know Stradlater is therefore sexually advanced, having...(full context)
Puffing far on his cigarette, Holden asks Stradlater what occurred on his date with Jane, yet Stradlater refuses to say. Nonetheless, Holden continues to pressure him into providing him details...(full context)
Unable come resist, Holden asks Stradlater if he and also Jane had actually sex. This offends Stradlater, that refuses come answer. Consequently, Holden do the efforts to punch him,...(full context)
Lonely and also tormented by the apprehension that Stradlater may have had sex v Jane, Holden decides to leave Pencey and also go to brand-new York City until his parental learn...(full context)
...York, Holden wants to talk to someone, and also considers calling D.B., Phoebe (his younger sister), Jane, or one more friend called Sally Hayes. He even considers call a man named Carl Luce,...(full context)
Once again, Holden thinks about calling Jane, but he finds the idea exhausting because he would have to pretend to it is in her...(full context)
In the hotel lobby, Holden thinks again about Jane Gallagher and Stradlater, hoping that nothing happened between them on your date. He then remembers...(full context)
Holden remembers how happy he offered to be as soon as he hosted Jane’s hand and says that she’s the only person he ever showed Allie’s baseball mitt. As...(full context)
...next morning (after only a few hours that sleep), the thinks once again around calling Jane, yet decides the he isn’t in the “mood.” Instead, that calls Sally Hayes, that he...(full context)
...her, the hurries toward the park, despite not before stopping in a drugstore and also calling Jane. When her mom answers, though, he automatically hangs up, feeling as if he has to...(full context)
...after leave Sally. When again, he goes right into a phone booth and thinks around calling Jane Gallagher, wanting come take her dancing. Before calling her, though, the gets lost in a...(full context)
...evening. The problem, though, is the he only has three people in his attend to book: Jane, a teacher called Mr. Antolini who provided to teach in ~ Elkton Hills, and his father’s...(full context)
...the message. Still, he stays at the bar and also continues come drink, thinking about calling Jane. Finally, at 1:00 in the morning, he stumbles external while pretending he’s been shot in...

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(full context)
Holden sets the end for the Museum of Art. Top top his way, that considers calling Jane Gallagher, yet ultimately no feel approximately the task. As soon as he reaches the museum, he...(full context)