One need to write the name of a company exactly together it was spelled (or misspelled) in the official registration.

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It relies on the style guide friend follow. There are several guides and also they different on countless things. The Chicago hands-on of layout says "no". However, if it"s her company, do what friend want. The layout guides don"t dictate how you should label your business. Simply be consistent.



Sorry, the legislation is strict on this. If the comma shows up in the files of incorporation, it need to be offered in every legal transactions. Countless lawsuits have been lost due to the fact that the human being or company filing fit left the end the comma, or put it, against what to be filed. Any attorney will define this for you. Ns once had actually to fire a proofreader at my publishing company because the insisted ~ above inserting the comma whereby it wasn"t called for, also though I defined the legislation to him.


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