The playstation 3 (PS3) has quietly amassed arguably the ideal games of its generation, and also the console’s mainly library goes beyond just its very own exclusive titles. However, the particulars that PS3 behind compatibility can be a bit facility – specifically for those that aren’t well-versed in the several different models that were released end the years.

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Is the PS3 behind compatible? Yes, every PS3 console is backward compatible with PS1 games, however, just the original systems are compatible v PS2 games. Specifically, just the initial 20GB, 60GB, PS3 consoles (often referred to as “fat” PS3s) are compatible v PS2 games. Additionally, part 80GB models are backward compatible, as lengthy as lock haven’t to be updated since unboxing.

While the various models the PS3 consoles space pretty easy to phone call apart (if you understand what you looking for), the differences in between the backward compatible and non-backward compatible initial systems are a bit an ext subtle. But really, it every comes under to USB ports and hard drive space.

Which PS3 Consoles deserve to Play PS2 Games?


We’ve currently established that every PS3 is backward compatible with PS1 software, however what around PS2 games? Well, there room a couple of pretty easy means to tell.

Which PS3 models have the right to play PS2 games? The initial “fat” 20GB and 60GB consoles with 4 USB ports room all behind compatible with both PS2 and also PS1 games. Sony later released much more “fat” consoles prior to their sleeker PS3 Slim redesign, yet those models only have actually two USB ports and also don’t attribute backward compatibility with PS2 games. Part 80GB consoles room an exception to this rule, as long as castle haven’t to be updated since unboxing.

Again, the only tricky part here is determining even if it is or not an 80GB model is backwards compatible or not. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way come tell various other than having actually one and also checking the system software or experimentation out a PS2 game and seeing if the works. But when it comes to the 20GB and 60GB versions, things gain much simpler.

One easy method to tell – other than just by spring to check out if the console has a 20GB or 60GB hard drive – is by checking the variety of USB harbor on the front of the console. The early 20GB and also 60GB models both had 4 USB ports, if the later on fat models were reduced to simply two USB ports and also no backward compatibility through PS2 software.

Honestly, there’s not a entirety lot much more to it 보다 that. But, because that the uninitiated, there might be part confusion as to which version is which once it involves the initial console, the redesigned Slim, and also the supervisor Slim.

How to Tell original PS3, The PS3 Slim, and The PS3 super Slim Apart


The various PS3 designs are each fairly distinct, making it easy to tell the consoles apart. Again, you simply need to recognize what to look for.

What are the differences between the original PS3, the Slim, and the supervisor Slim? The original (or “fat”) PS3 has actually a glossy, metallic finish and also “PlayStation 3” printed on the height of the console. The redesigned PS3 Slim has an ext of a matte finish and also simply has actually “PS3” engraved into the console’s cover. And finally, the at sight Slim console has a slide disc cover together opposed come the mechanical disc drive uncovered on the previous 2 designs. Also, together the name suggest, each redesign is slimmer than the last.

There are additionally some technological differences in between the models – but, because that the objectives of this article, all you really need to know is the Slim and Super Slim PS3 consoles will not beat PS2 games (along with specific original solution as specified earlier). Yet the obvious very first step come deciphering whether or not a PS3 is backward compatible with PS2 games is to make certain the console in inquiry is no a Slim or at sight Slim redesign.

All that being said, there actually is a method to getting any PS3 come play PS2 games. It’s not super difficult, yet there is some risk involved.

How to Get any kind of PS3 come Play PS2 Games


20GB and 60GB PS3 consoles are highly sought after thanks to their capacity to pat PS2 gamings out that the box. Unfortunately, it way that this consoles additionally sell for considerably much more on sites choose eBay and Amazon 보다 some other PS3 models.

So, how do girlfriend get any PS3 come play PS2 games? Hacking (also described as “modding” or “jailbreaking”). Again, hacking PS3 consoles is relatively easy with a an excellent tutorial, yet there is some risk involved. Namely, modding a PS3 incorrectly could permanently damages the console, and also going online with among these systems could potentially get users banned.

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These dangers can be mitigated by acquisition the best precautions, yet it should likewise be noted that consoles hacked come play PS2 gamings won’t actually check out PS2 game discs. Instead, this consoles emulate digital duplicates of PS2 gamings much choose the “PS2 Classics” offered on the playstations Network Store, quite than the original PS3 consoles that have actually PS2 hardware inside of them.