*Comedian/actress, Sommore formerly revealed the she and also half-sister actress Nia Long didn’t have a nearby bond farming up since they weren’t elevated together. The women have various mothers however share the very same father.

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“We re-superstructure the exact same father however we’re no necessarily sisters,” Sommore said in one interview with divine Martino (listen via the player above). 

According to i Love Old college Music, she likewise revealed that while they speak come each various other in public and are cordial, lock don’t have a sisterly connection that folks may assume them to have. 

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The funny one in the family.
sommore ️ #mybigsistergotjokes

A article shared by Nia lengthy (
iamnialong) ~ above Apr 14, 2019 at 9:01am PDT

For years, pan of the stars had no idea they to be related.

During a ahead interview, Sommore explained how she didn’t desire it known that she had a famous sibling due to the fact that she want to navigate Hollywood without the help of she A-list sister.

Now the the mystery is out, Sommore claims “most guys that I run into already have a crush on Nia. Friend don’t understand how plenty of men offer, ‘Please deserve to I involved the household reunion, please…?’”

Meanwhile, after year of rumors and speculation around how the two sisters really feel about each other, the “Boyz N’ The Hood” star laid to rest any type of doubt by noting on Instagram back in April that Simmore is “the funny one in the family”— peep Nia’s IG post above.

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Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is a screenwriter and freelance reporter from Chicago -- right now living in Los Angeles and covering A-list entertain for miscellaneous outlets, consisting of Emmys.com. She has worked for: Miramax, MTV & VH1, The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Channel, paramount Pictures, and for above indie film producer i get it Corman.

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