Since that creation, polymer clay has captured the hearts ofmany artists and also crafterswith itsversatility and also durability. This easy-to-use clay enables crafters come shape and also create the objects of their imaginations. Since polymer clay is soft and bendable,it"salso a good medium because that children and also beginner crafters. No matter your endure level, we have polymer clay that will certainly be a great fit foryou!

Ifyou"re brand-new to the civilization of polymer clay orsimplycurious about polymer clay facts, we space excited come share our understanding with you. As passionate lifelong crafters, us hope to accumulate you to explore, craft and also experience the pleasure of claying. Keep analysis to learn the facts around oven-bake polymer clay — you might learn something new or miscellaneous that challenges what you had previously assumed around this exorbitant medium.

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What Is Polymer Clay?

Polymerclay is a popular medium because that making jewelry, beads, charms, figurines, picture framesand various other handmade creations. You have the right to make just about anything you can dream up through polymer clay. It"s also good for covering and decorating other objects made of glass, wood, steel or some plastics. You can conveniently turn any object right into a one-of-a-kind gift v polymer clay!

There are number of variations of polymer clay with various consistencies and also finishes. You have the right to play approximately with different types of polymer clay to accomplish unique results. Here are several of the most typical varieties:

What Is Polymer Clay make Of?

Polymer clay is a synthetic form of modeling clay. The major ingredient is apolyvinyl chloride (PVC) base.Other ingredients choose fillers, pigments and bendable plasticizers are added to develop the perfect product.

Thesecomponents job-related together to provide polymer clay its flexibility, texture, softness and also vibrant color.Polymer clay continues to be pliable till it"s small in the oven. Her polymer developments will cure in ~ a much reduced temperature than organic clay, so there is no need for a kiln. The perfect product is rigid and also firm.

How can I usage Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is exceptionally versatile and also can be used for hundreds of different projects. From producing delicate earrings and also ornaments to figurines and decorative vases, the alternatives are endless.Polymer clay come in assorted colors and also consistencies come create large statement piece or miniature sculptures v fine details. The difficult part is deciding what come make. Here are part clay tips for beginners to accumulate your next creation:

10 surprising Facts about Polymer Clay

If you"re a jar crafter or just beginning out, you could be surprised to learn these interesting facts around polymer clay: 

1. It"s Non-Toxic

Haveyou dreamt of decorating a coffee mug with little polymer clay pugs? carry out you wish to covering a spoon take care of in clay vines and also butterflies? have actually no fear — you have the right to go ahead and make a dog-lovers mug or springtime-spoon without worries.Polymer clay is non-toxic, so it is fully safe come use approximately children and pets.

If your boy bites into their handmade clay pizza, the only repercussion is a yucky taste in your mouth.However, even though polymer clay is non-toxic,eating a bowl of clay spaghetti because that dinner might cause a stomachache.We recommend polymer clay for youngsters over 8 who are less tempted to chow down on your clay creations.


Worried around baking clay in the oven?No have to worry—it"ssafe to usage the same oven or toaster range you use to cook foodto cure your clay.However, prevent baking clay on surface you setup to use for food. Store the adhering to tips in mind, and you should have actually no health problems with polymer clay:

Follow the baking directions:Bake your clay in ~ the ideal temperature.Although polymer clay fumes room not dangerously toxic, fumes at high temperatures may reason eye, sleep or mouth wake up if projects obtain too hot in the oven. Constantly follow recommended baking times and do no bake inventions in the microwave. If clay burns, open windows because that ventilation and also treat the instance as if friend had shed food.Keep out of your mouth:Don"teat polymer clay.Separate meal times and also crafting:Avoid eating and crafting v clay in ~ the same time.Keep clay far from food:Avoid coatingutensils or food preparation tools in polymer clay.

All of our polymer clay commodities are tested to for sure safety and meet the arts and an innovative Materials academy (ACMI) standards. Ours products are complimentary of allergens prefer wheat, gluten, dairy, sulfur or latex.

2. It Dries quicker Than Air-Dry Clay

Are friend excited to create a polymer clay gift for someone"s birthday? carry out you tend to wait until the last minute to acquire things done? As lengthy as you usage polymer clay, you need to be alright, also if girlfriend only have actually a couple of hours to make the gift and get to the birthday party. Ifyou used air-dry clay, you might have to stop at the store and pick increase a last-minute giftinstead.

Air-dry clay bring away a lot longer than polymer clay to be ready because you have to let that sit because that at the very least 24 come 48 hrs to fully dry. V polymer clay, time is in your hands.Polymer clay cures in the range at short temperatures. Depending upon the clay girlfriend use and also your project"s dimensions, it could take in between 15-30 minutes to cure. If you arrangement accordingly, friend can finish a task from begin to complete in just a few hours.

3. It remains the exact same Shape and Size

When you develop something with polymer clay, you deserve to expect the to remain the very same size throughout the entire process. Polymer claydoesn"tshrink or expand.Your good details and also intricate trends will watch the exact same coming the end of the oven as they walk going in. Your creations will stay true to range so you have the right to visualize the perfect product prior to you cure the clay.

With polymer clay,it"seasy to style specifically-sized pieces.It"sthe perfect medium for measuring and covering glass, wood and also metal. As lengthy as you follow the packaging"s baking instructions, what you develop is whatyou"llget.

4. The Maintains a vibrant Color

If polymer clay is small correctly, that will stay the same shade after it"s cured.So if you simply completedan adorablepastel macaron photo holder,you can pop the in the cooktop with tranquility of mind. Yourmacaronswill look brilliantly scrumptious for years to come.

Keep in mind that oven-bake clays have the right to fade in time if save on computer in straight sunlight. Because that this reason, we recommend storing her creations and also clay away from windows to keep their colour vibrant.

5. It will Not dried Out

If girlfriend are new to polymer clay crafting, you will certainly soon discover the delight of making use of a medium thatdoesn"tdry out. You can takeyourtime v polymer clay and also enjoy be safe self-expression. That means if you"re in the middle of a project and also get interrupted or should take a break,it"sperfectly fine come walk away and also continue make at another time. This flexibility opens a the majority of doors once it concerns creativity. You can make as many changes to projects as you great untilyou"resatisfied.


When your creation is complete, all you need to do is bake your job for the finishing touch.

Polymer clay is right for children due to the fact that it stays soft because that as long as you need. If theyforget to put their crafts away,their clay will have actually the exact same consistency the following day.Kids can craft for hours until one adult is ready to aid them with the baking process.

Wondering if polymer clay deserve to go bad? once oven-bake clays are stored in a cool, dry location under 90 levels Fahrenheit and also out of straight sunlight, they deserve to last because that a couple of years. You deserve to also store clay in the frozen fridge or freezer to prolong its lifespan

6. It"s Durable

You"d be surprised how hard this soft, bendable clay is when it has actually cured. How strong is polymer clay exactly? If small correctly, it will not threaten or shatter end time,makingit a perfect tool for keepsake handprints. Ours most long lasting clays Soufflé™ Premo™.They keep some of their flexibility, so they are less likely to break.

Cracking could occur if creations are not baked adequately, which is why us emphasize the prominence of suitable baking. However, cracks are basic to fix if they execute occur. Just fill in cracks v plumber"s putty, sand the down and also paint the crack to match the clay. If a piece breaks off, all you should do is glue it back on. Us recommend at sight glue gelatin or flexible hot glue.

Did you know that polymer clay is waterproof? just like any plastic, you deserve to wash polymer clay innovations with water. To clean pieces, tenderness hand-wash them v soap and also water. Prevent the dishwasher, though, together the heat can damages your creations.

7. It"s basic to Store

While some types of clay require a complex storage system, polymer clay is basic and simple to store in virtually any location.There are just a few rules because that polymer clay warehouse so it will last for years come come.Do the following, and you"ll enjoy your clay for a long time:

Use polypropylene containers:Store clay in containers or bags made the end of polypropylene plastic. How have the right to you call if a container is made of polypropylene? Look because that the number 5 top top the bottom the the container. These varieties of plastic containers are additionally slightly cloudy.Store in the best spot:Keep clay in a an extremely dry, cool place in an environment that go notexceed77 levels Fahrenheit. Store clay in the fridge or freezer to play it safe.Avoid the windows:Store clay far from direct sunlight.Keep the end of the car:Avoid save clay in the car, especially throughout the summer months.

Do you have actually Ziploc sandwich bags in your kitchen cupboard? That"ll work-related fine because that storing leftover clay.

8. That Requires careful Baking

Although polymer clay is kid-friendly and also durable, it"s important to follow baking instructions carefully. It"s similar to cooking a batch of her favorite cookies. You want to get the temperature and also timing just right. Underbaking will leave your clay soft, while overbaking could readjust the color of her creation. The last thing you desire to carry out is burn her masterpiece.

We desire each of your clay developments to rotate out great, so we extremely recommend using stove thermometer to make sure your oven"s temperature is collection right. Our residence ovens space not constantly accurate, which may not issue much once reheating critical night"s casserole, however it makes a large difference inpolymer clay.


always preheat your oven and check the temperature through a thermometer prior to baking. You deserve to bake many polymer clay piece at 275 degrees Fahrenheit because that 15 to 30 minutes, but each product"s times and temperatures deserve to vary. Inspect package accuse or our FAQ page first.

9. It"s straightforward to Clean Up

Unlike paint, paper-mache and also other messier an innovative mediums, polymer clay provides cleanup easy and also fast.While crafting, her fingers might get a little colorful with clay, however you have the right to clean them easily with soap and also water or baby wipes.We recommend maintaining baby wipes comfortable while crafting come clean tools and prevent mix colors.

You can also use hand sanitizer to remove polymer clay from your hands. Use hand sanitizer come clay-covered hands, wipe v a record towel and then wash your hands with soap and water.No one will know you"vebeen claying because that hours!

It only takes a minute to clean up a polymer clay work area.Tables do of glass, steel or marble space the easiest to wash. Cleanupis a breeze when you cover her workspace beforehand. Usage parchment paper, aluminum silver paper or Tools™ Oven-Safe work-related Mat.When you"re done crafting because that the day, simply toss the foil or parchment document in the garbage or store away your special occupational surface for future projects. Pack your clay in that designated storage container and also savor the stress-relieving result of crafting v clay.

10. That Goes a long Way

Youonly require a small amountof clay to discover your imagination and create miscellaneous you"ll love. Little blocks of clay walk a long method despite your size. You deserve to make figurines, jewelry, beads, ornaments, charms, keychains, embellishments, combined media piecesand many other creationswith even small amounts the polymer clay.

Sampler packs are good for beginners because they can try out many different colors in their creations. You can additionally use white polymer clay and repaint it any type of color you great after baking. Us recommend making use of water-based acrylic paints for painting your polymer clay crafts.

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Are friend excited to begin a clay-crafting adventure? Crafting v polymer clay is relaxing, inspiring and also tons the fun. You get to create just about anything her imagination permits with polymer clay. The softness and flexibility do it the perfect medium for the start crafter, if its flexibility makes itidealfor competent crafters. Human being are makingso many amazing points with polymer clay every day, indigenous lifelike dolls come jewelry that resembles real gems.Consider assorted techniques and also applications — the possibilities are endless!


If you"re in search of a go-to source forall yourpolymer clay needs, you"ve involved the right place. Forover50 years, we"ve to be passionate about clay and also delivering the highest-quality commodities to our customers. Us have whatever you need to gain started, from various clays to lots of an imaginative inspiration. We are always addingnewpolymer clay resources andproject ideasto present our fellow crafters the possibilities. We also have a community room so crafters deserve to socialize and share their fun tasks with every other.

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