New York is one of the many draconian states as soon as it involves self-defense laws for that citizens, and also this call is absolutely well-earned when you take it a gander at the state’s statutes governing pepper spray ownership.

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In the state of brand-new York it is illegal to have pepper spray shipped in from out of state, from another county or even from one more city. Every pepper spray have to be purchased from an authorized dealer in ~ the state.


You must be over the period of 18 to legally own pepper spray in the state, all canisters should be pocket sized, and also you must also prove the you room of legal age and also also complimentary of any kind of felony conviction.

Additionally, only two pepper spray canisters might be to buy by one person at a time. If over there is a silver- lining at least new York makes no difference between various types of chemistry be they synthetic or herbal when it comes to self-defense sprays.

So you at least have your an option of agent depending on your application and preferences.

Like all brand-new York legislations the statute spanning pepper spray and the exemptions because that use space quite an extensive and fairly intricate, so us have noted you with the most crucial ones below. It is tho in your ideal interest to evaluation the exact text of the state statute at the end of this article.

Fast Facts

You cannot delivery defense sprays right into or around brand-new York; they need to be purchased straight from an authorized dealer.A purchaser might only buy 2 pepper sprays at one time.Proof that age and also a background complimentary from felonies or misdemeanor assault charges is required.Prohibited persons might not purchase or own defense sprays in brand-new York.New York allows all defense spray formulations so long as it is no intended to reason permanent injury; CN, CS and also OC are all okay.


New York per their custom doubles down on all regulations that can dissuade the citizens indigenous taking responsibility for their own lives and also their own safety.

Regarding pepper spray, that is illegal to delivery pepper spray into brand-new York or around brand-new York, an interpretation that you cannot send it to someone with the mail, purchase it indigenous a dealer somewhere else in the state or stimulate it off the internet.

You need to purchase your pepper spray in-person from an authorized dealer, and also are restricted to 2 pocket-sized canisters at a time.

To complete the purchase you should prove the you room 18 year old or enlarge (sorry minors) and also also carry out proof that your lift is free of felonies and also any misdemeanor attack charges, or sign a sworn affidavit that you have actually neither in her background.

The dealer will save this ~ above record and also make it easily accessible for police inspection. Also note that any type of pepper spray you buy must have actually printed upon that a brand-new York-specific i detailing the the spray is intended because that self-defense, the it is illegal to use it in any type of criminal manner, the components are dangerous and so on.

Truly if the wasn’t because that overwhelmingly powerful and invasive governments we would certainly all probably just be standing approximately in the rain catching pneumonia. Lastly, as you more than likely expected, felons and also other banned persons might not acquisition or own pepper spray in the state of brand-new York.

If over there is anything an excellent you have the right to say about new York’s pepper spray laws it is the they make no distinction and provide no limitations on the kind of agent the you might carry, so you can select from CN or CS tear gas or classic OC pepper spray.

You deserve to even bring a mix of such chemicals if friend prefer. The only restriction is that any kind of self-defense spray carries and also discharges a chemistry or mix of chemicals the is not designed to produce permanent injury or incapacitation.


New York has some tiresome regulations concerning the acquisition and purchasing the pepper spray in the state, namely that you cannot have it shipped to you from all over else in the state or from out of state and are thus required to purchase it directly from one authorized dealer at the point of sale.

You have the right to only carry and also possess pocket-sized canisters, bought two at a time, however mercifully you can use any kind of kind that agent the you prefer, tear gas or OC.

Relevant State Statutes

265.20 Exemptions.

a. * i (h) that subdivision twenty-two of ar 265.00 andsections 265.01, 265.01-a, subdivision one of section 265.01-b,265.01-c, 265.02, 265.03, 265.04, 265.05, 265.10, 265.11, 265.12,265.13, 265.15, 265.36, 265.37 and also 270.05 shall not apply to:

1. * Possession of any kind of of the weapons, instruments, appliances orsubstances stated in part 265.01, 265.01-c, 265.02, 265.03,265.04, 265.05 and also 270.05 by the following:

(a) persons in the military organization of the state of brand-new York once dulyauthorized by regulations issued by the adjutant basic to own thesame.

(b) Police policemans as identified in subdivision thirty-four the section1.20 the the criminal procedure law.

(c) Peace policemans as identified by section 2.10 the the criminalprocedure law.

(d) persons in the military or other company of the united States, inpursuit of main duty or when duly authorized by commonwealth law,regulation or bespeak to own the same.


14. Possession in accordance v the provisions of this i ofa self-defense spray an equipment as characterized herein for the security of aperson or property and also use of such self-defense spray maker undercircumstances which would certainly justify the usage of physical pressure pursuant toarticle thirty-five that this chapter.

(a) As used in this section “self-defense spray device” shall average apocket sized spray machine which contains and also releases a chemistry ororganic problem which is intended to develop temporary physicaldiscomfort or handicap through being vaporized or otherwise dispensedin the air or any type of like an equipment containing tear gas, pepper or similardisabling agent.

(b) The exemption under this paragraph shall not apply to a personwho:

(i) is much less than eighteen year of age; or (ii) has actually been previously convicted in this state of a felony or any type of assault; or

(iii) has actually been convicted of a crime exterior the state of brand-new Yorkwhich if cursed in brand-new York would certainly constitute a felony or any kind of assaultcrime.

(c) The room of health, v the collaboration of the division ofcriminal justice services and also the superintendent the state police, shalldevelop standards and promulgate regulations about the type ofself-defense spray an equipment which might lawfully be purchased, possessed andused pursuant to this paragraph. The regulation shall incorporate arequirement that every self-defense spray device which might be lawfullypurchased, own or offered pursuant come this paragraph have a labelwhich states: “WARNING: The usage of this problem or device for anypurpose various other than self-defense is a criminal violation under the law. Thecontents room dangerous – use v care. This machine shall not be marketed byanyone various other than a license is granted or authorized dealer. Possession of thisdevice by any type of person under the age of eighteen or by anyone who has beenconvicted that a felony or attack is illegal. Violators might be prosecutedunder the law.”

15. Possession and also sale of a self-defense spray device as characterized inparagraph fourteen that this subdivision by a dealer in guns licensedpursuant to section 400.00 the this chapter, a pharmacist licensedpursuant to post one hundred thirty-seven the the education law or bysuch other seller as may be authorized and approved by thesuperintendent the state police.

(a) Every self-defense spray device shall be accompanied by one insertor inserts which incorporate directions because that use, very first aid information,safety and storage information and which shall likewise contain a toll fee freetelephone number for the function of permitting any purchaser to speak to andreceive additional information regarding the ease of access of localcourses in self-defense training and safety in the use of a self-defensespray device.

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(b) before delivering a self-defense spray an equipment to any kind of person, thelicensed or authorized dealer shall call for proof that age and also a swornstatement on a type approved by the superintendent of state police thatsuch person has actually not to be convicted of a felony or any type of crime entailing anassault. Such creates shall be forwarded to the department of state policeat together intervals together directed by the superintendent that state police.Absent any type of such direction the develops shall be kept on the premisesof the seller and candlestick be open at all reasonable hrs for inspectionby any type of peace officer or police officer, acting pursuant come his or herspecial duties. No much more than two self-defense spray gadgets may it is in soldat any one time come a single purchaser.