Roughly 15 years ago, Jennifer Carpenter was an up-and-coming actress through a filmography that featured both critical misses like White Chicks and also hits like The Exorcism the Emily Rose.

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 Carpenter"s on-the-rise status readjust virtually overnight when, in 2006, she booked the 2nd lead top top a television series with a significant amount of buzz about it: Debra Morgan on Showtime"s breakout serial killer drama Dexter

The series, initially based on Jeff Lindsay"s novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter, focused on the titular avenging murderer Dexter Morgan, play by Michael C. Room fresh off a lauded run on HBO"s above drama Six Feet Under. Also with hall front and also center, Carpenter frequently stole the spotlight indigenous Hall with her impassioned revolve as Dexter"s foster sisters Debra, a homicide detective who caseload frequently overlapped with her duplicitous brother"s own crimes. 

It"s been nearly seven year since Dexter"s divisive finale illustration aired, and also fans room still wondering if Carpenter"s Debra gained the send-off she deserved. Together for Carpenter herself, she"s maintained a reduced profile recently, yet she"s more than retained herself busy due to the fact that leaving Debra and Dexter behind.

Madhouse/Marvel Entertainment
Like so countless actors in and around Hollywood over the past decade or so, Jennifer Carpenter eventually discovered herself through a ticket come ride the Marvel money train. If you"re wonder why girlfriend can"t remember she from any of those money-printing Avengers flicks, it"s due to the fact that Carpenter"s Marvel ticket wasn"t quite of the first-class nature — she only got to add her voice come the ever-expanding Marvel-verse through the man project Avengers Confidential: black Widow & Punisher. In the 2014 anime film, donate by Japanese animation studio Madhouse, it"s Carpenter"s gold pipes — and also not Scarlett Johansson"s voice — that"s heard as tough-as-nails Natasha Romanoff, far better known as black color Widow.

If you"re unfamiliar with Avengers Confidential, it discovered Carpenter"s black Widow teaming up v the one and also only Frank castle to avoid the nefarious LEVIATHAN from placing classified S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech into the people via black sector backchannels. Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher may not it is in on par with anything the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered, yet it"s a quite solid animated attribute that need to be top top the radar of any Marvel fan.

Warner Bros. Entertainment
Marvel"s black color Widow isn"t the just big-time comic book character Jennifer Carpenter has actually voiced because playing Debra Morgan ~ above Dexter. Her second turn in the man comic publication movie people found she voicing Selina Kyle, best known together Gotham City"s Catwoman, in Warner Bros. And DC Comics" lavish, 19th-century reimagining that the Dark article saga, Batman: Gotham through Gaslight. Released to greatly positive reviews in 2018, Gotham by Gaslight was adjusted from the 1989 graphics novel that the exact same name, itself the first official supplying from DC"s "Elseworlds" imprint. Both the book and also the film feature Bruce Wayne defending the streets of a gloriously steam-punky Gotham together a Victorian-era Batman, at some point facing off versus the notorious killer Jack the Ripper.

Hot on the follow of the Ripper, Batman"s path normally crosses v Catwoman, who"s also looking to inflict a tiny justice top top the male who"s been brutally killing females in Gotham. Batman and also Catwoman"s tenuous "partnership" proceeds pretty much exactly how you"d expect it would you"ve ever read a Batman comic, however the action is every the much more palatable many thanks to the exorbitant voice work of Carpenter and also her behind-the-scenes Batman Bruce Greenwood.

Summit Entertainment
While Jennifer Carpenter has ceded a pair of outstanding vocal performances since Dexter rode turn off to that great logging company in the Pacific Northwest, she hasn"t shied far from performing in front of the camera as well, having discovered a big-screen patron of kinds in cinematic rabble-rouser S. Craig Zahler. If the name sounds familiar, it"s due to the fact that Zahler is the button-pushing provocateur behind such modern-day B-movie marvels together Bone TomahawkBrawl in cell Block 99, and 2019"s mental dirty cop caper Dragged across Concrete.

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In the hyper-violent Brawl in cabinet Block 99, Carpenter theatre Lauren Thomas, the wife of Vince Vaughn"s Bradley Thomas, a retirement boxer who life of crime lands him behind bars in ~ the Redleaf Correctional Facility, where his troubles just grow more intense. Transparent it all — also the an ext alienating aspects of the movie — Carpenter stayed committed to the madness when breathing necessary life into a personality that"s not quite three-dimensional. She did the very same in Dragged across Concrete, happen a refreshing humanity to her minimal role torture young mother Kelly Summer, who serves as a smaller character against leads Mel Gibson and also Vince Vaughn, who portray a pair the cops rely after assaulting a suspect. 


Jennifer Carpenter has continued to book daunting big-screen roles since leaving Dexter behind, yet she"s likewise kept liven looking for an additional Dexter-like success ~ above the small screen. The search ultimately led Carpenter to the hyper-competitive realm of network television, where she"s delivered strong work in mostly forgettable dramas. 

The an initial of Carpenter"s post-Dexter TV roles came on the short-lived dramedy Limitless, i beg your pardon was based on the Bradley Cooper-starring movie of the very same name. The flick discovered Cooper tripping the life an excellent after eating a wonder drug that permitted him to utilize the full potential the his brain. The television adaptation (produced by Cooper and Joker director Todd Phillips) followed a similar collection up — only this time, the "gifted" male is out to make the people a more secure place and features Carpenter depicting an FBI certified dealer tasked with helping focus the man"s energies on addressing crimes.

Carpenter"s following television venture found her play the various other side that the regulation as a traitorous previous CIA Agent forced to team up with the FBI to aid track under their most-wanted spy. Titled The Enemy Within, Carpenter"s timely espionage drama had the look of a winner once it hit the air in 2019, however tragically never uncovered its audience and was cancelled ~ airing just 13 episodes. Here"s hoping she has actually a little far better luck v her following TV role.