Driving Laws: Is that Legal come Ride in the ago of a Pickup Truck?

Lots that people and pets drive in the back of a pickup truck, plenty of without incident. However, there typically aren’t chair belts in the back. A absence of restraints reasons serious an individual injuries and also factored into 47 percent of fatal crashes in 2017, follow to the national Highway Traffic security Administration

Still, the concern of safety doesn’t fairly answer the question, is that legal? There’s no single response come that, though. Here’s every you must know before riding in the bed that a truck.

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Is the Legal to Ride in the back of a Pickup Truck?

The answer to this question varies, due to the fact that every state in unified States has actually its own standards — and, sometimes, the rules they set are strange. Once it concerns riding in the back of a pickup truck, though, the regulations are relatively clear-cut.

The following 19 states don’t have any kind of rules about riding in the bed that a truck. In various other words, friend won’t get in legal trouble for doing so in:

AlabamaAlaskaDelawareIdahoIllinoisIowa, although neighborhood ordinances may prohibit itKentuckyMinnesotaMississippiMontanaNew HampshireNorth DakotaOklahomaSouth DakotaVermontWashingtonWest VirginiaWyoming

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Laws space subject to change and there isn’t a uniform federal law, so keep up with your state’s regulations to do you a more secure driver and passenger.

Where Is that Illegal to Ride in the back of a Truck?

If girlfriend don’t live in any kind of of those states, then your hometown regulates who deserve to ride in the ago of a pickup truck. Here’s what to know, by state:

Many states allow passengers come ride in the bed that a truck just in particular situations: 

If a federal-approved restraint mechanism is set up to protect riders If riding ~ above family-owned farming land in a farmer-owned truck If appearing in a parade and also the vehicle drives under 10 mph if an emergency calls for passengers come ride in the earlier of the pickup 

Laws vary from state to state and possibly from county to county. Here’s what come know if you setup to visit any of the following, by states: 

Arizona, district of Columbia and brand-new Jersey

Only employee on duty can ride in the bed the a pickup.

California, Indiana and new York

It is illegal to ride in the bed of a truck.


Passengers can sit in the bed, so lengthy as it has actually a spanned cargo area.


Only passengers 16 or over have the right to ride in the back of a truck. Otherwise, castle can, however they need to be wearing a chair belt.

Florida, Nevada

Only passenger 18 or over can ride in a truck bed unless the area is enclosed. Employee on duty can likewise ride in the back of a truck.


Only those 18 and also older can ride in the ago of a pickup uneven the bed has actually been enclosed.


Passengers can only sit in the bed if there’s no room in the cab.

Kansas, Nebraska, new Mexico

You deserve to ride in the ago of a pickup, so long as you’re 18 or older.


You can’t journey in the pickup truck bed on interstate highways. Nobody 12 or under deserve to sit in the back on highways.


No one under the period of 19 have the right to ride in the earlier of a truck.


Passengers younger than 16 can’t sit in the truck bed if the auto travels at more than 25 miles every hour. Trucks must have actually restraints in place for younger riders, too.


Children 12 or under can’t drive in the back of a pickup van bed uneven the auto is driving in ~ 5 miles per hour or less and also is covering five miles or much less on its journey.


Passengers speak in truck beds can’t be under the age of 18 unless the car drives much less than 16 miles every hour.


No one under the period of 18 deserve to ride in the bed the a van if they’re traveling via highways or in metropolitan areas.

North Carolina

Riders under 17 can’t sit in the bed that a truck uneven secured by a belt or looked after by a parent.


Passengers under 16 can’t sit in the truck bed if the car travels in ~ speeds greater than 25 miles every hour. No one deserve to ride in the back of a pickup if the tailgate isn’t secured.


Anyone under 18 needs to be secured by a safety and security belt. Otherwise, castle can’t ride in the truck bed.


A truck can’t travel at speeds higher than 35 miles every hour through passengers under 18 in the back.

Rhode Island

It’s illegal for anyone under 16 come ride in the truck bed unless they have a passenger restraint.

South Carolina

Passengers 15 and under cannot sit in the rear of a pickup without adult supervision or restraint.


Anyone 12 and older deserve to ride in the earlier of a truck.


Passengers who are younger than 18 cannot sit in the van bed. Otherwise, the truck’s owner deserve to seat human being in the bed so lengthy as lock are household members.


No one have the right to ride in the earlier of a truck except for job-related reasons.


No one under the age of 16 have the right to sit in the truck bed.


The state stipulates that passengers deserve to only sit in the bed because that valid reasons, such as farming, hunting, work and also parades.

Dangers the Riding in the earlier of a Pickup 

Speeding, sharp turns, and also bumpy roads are typical reasons of injuries come those talk in the ago of a truck. However, there are several reasons the make riding in the cargo area dangerous: 

Rear-end collision: Because passengers are not restrained by seatbelts, they can be thrown about the van bed when hit by one more vehicle.  Head-on collision: Crashing straight into an additional vehicle is always dangerous, but passengers riding in the ago of a truck have the right to be ejected due to the sudden stop. Carbon monoxide poisoning: talk in the earlier of truck method passengers room in nearby proximity to vehicle exhaust fumes. Dizziness, headache, and also vertigo are simply a few of the symptoms that can cause serious health issues.  

What about Pets?

Even if you don’t pop human being passengers into the truck bed, you might use the room as a ar for your pet to sit. Again, state regulations vary ~ above this topic — brush up on the rule in your hometown before putting her dog there.

On that note, it’s extra dangerous because that four-legged friends to sit in the bed of a truck. A 2018 study found that approximately 100,000 dogs die each year while riding roughly this way. They challenge injury in accidents, and also carbon monoxide poisoning.

Drive — and also Ride — Safe

Is that legal for you to fire in the ago of a van in her state? even if it is, you must do so through the utmost caution.

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You have the right to ensure your security on the roadway no issue what with a defensive driving course. Select her state now to authorize up and feel an ext secure behind the wheel.