The state flower might be spiritual in the psychic of many Texans, however it is not legally safeguarded from picking.

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Picking bluebonnets is no a crime, however trespassing to acquire your perfect bluebonnet photo is. Be mindful where you walk.(Ron Baselice / employee Photographer)

Julia Williams from Dallas asks: Is it versus the legislation to pick Texas bluebonnets?

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The state flower may be sacred in the minds of countless Texans, however it is not legally protected from picking.

Although it could cause poor karma, us reported in 2016 that it is no illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas.

Sgt. Lonny Haschel, a spokesman for the Texas department of publicly Safety, stated that picking bluebonnets is not a crime, however trespassing to acquire your perfect bluebonnet picture is.

He likewise urged caution as soon as parking ~ above roadsides or marching into fields that might be complete of fire ants or various other critters.

"Be cautious with kids, due to the fact that Texas is well-known for bluebonnets and also fire ants," Haschel said. "Once you"re there, scout out what"s under the flowers."

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