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TX - Wildlife, wolf - Subchapter B. Nongame animals V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife password § 63.101 - 104 Under this Texas statutes, no human may hunt, sell, buy or own a live or dead bat, with exceptions. A violation is a class C misdemeanor. The is a felony come possess, transport, receive, or relax a live wolf in Texas (with exceptions). It is a course B misdemeanor to sell a life armadillo in Texas (with exceptions).
TX - Wildlife - Subchapter H. Patent to control Wildlife safeguarded by This Code. V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife password § 43.151 - 158 This statute allows an separation, personal, instance to use to a local municipality to receive a permit to destroy wildlife the is posing a severe risk to farming interests or public safety. This supplication relates come a section that disallows the killing of eagles save for this exception.
TX - veterinary - thing 801. Veterinarians. V. T. C. A., Occupations code § 801.001 - 557 These space the state"s veterinary exercise laws. Among the provisions incorporate licensing requirements, laws worrying the state veterinary board, veterinary documents laws, and also the laws governing disciplinary actions for impaired or it s not enough ability practitioners.
TX - Trusts - thing 112. Creation, Validity, Modification, and Termination the Trusts. V. T. C. A., residential or commercial property Code § 112.037 This Texas statute comprises the state"s pet trust law. A trust may be developed to carry out for the care of an pet alive during the settlor"s lifetime. The trust terminates top top the fatality of the animal or, if the to trust is developed to carry out for the care of more than one pet alive throughout the settlor"s lifetime, top top the fatality of the last making it through animal. The law additionally provides a circulation schedule because that the trust"s continuing to be assets.
TX - trade - Shark fins V.T.C.A., Parks & Wildlife password §§ 66.216; 66.2161; 66.218 efficient July 1, 2106: a human being may no buy or market to buy, market or offer to sell, possess because that the objective of sale, transport, or ship for the function of sale, barter, or exchange a shark fin regardless of wherein the shark was taken or caught. A human who violates ar 66.2161 or a proclamation embraced under that ar commits an violation that is a class B Parks and Wildlife password misdemeanor.
TX - Restaurant - § 437.025. Demands for dog in out Dining Areas; Municipal Preemption V.T.C.A., health and wellness & safety and security Code § 437.025 This Texas law from 2019 permits food facilities to permit customers to have dogs in outdoor dining areas under certain conditions. Among other things, the restaurant must write-up a conspicuous authorize informing patrons the dogs are permitted, create accessibility so dogs execute not get in the inner of the restaurant, need customers to keep dogs ~ above leashes and also off tables and chairs, and also make certain there is no food ready in the dog-friendly dining area. A municipality may not adopt or enforce an ordinance, rule, or comparable measure that imposes a necessity on a food organization establishment because that a dog in an outdoor dining area the is an ext stringent than the requirements noted in the statute.
TX - it is registered - Subchapter C: Regulation of dogs V. T. C. A., health & security Code § 822.021 - 035 chapter 822, part .031 through .035 deal with the regulation of dogs. Specifically, these provisions cover the registration requirements, prohibit unregistered dog from to run at large, and also enumerate the treatment of dog that strike other residential animals.
TX - gyeongju - Art. 179e, Texas gyeongju Act Vernon's Ann. Texas Civ. St. Art. 179e This Texas Act to be enacted for the purpose of strict regulating horse racing, greyhound racing, and pari-mutuel wagering. The Act developed the Texas racing Commission i beg your pardon is charged through regulating and supervising every race meeting that entails wagering on the an outcome of greyhound or steed racing. The commission must take on rules because that conducting greyhound or equine racing and also rules because that administering the Act. A person is forced to use for a patent from the commission in bespeak to conduct a greyhound or horse race where wagering is to take place. A person is likewise not permitted to get involved in racing entailing pari-mutuel wagering uneven they achieve a license type the commission.
TX - Rabies - § 826.045. Area Rabies Quarantine. V. T. C. A., health and wellness & security Code § 826.045 This Texas state outlines the parameters under i beg your pardon a rabies quarantine area may be adopted. If this occurs, that may contact for the restraint of carnivorous animals and the transport of carnivorous pets into and also out the the quarantine area. If the quarantine is in effect, the rules adopted by the board supersede all various other applicable ordinances or rules applying to the quarantine area.
TX - Rabies - § 826.022. Vaccination; Criminal Penalty. V. T. C. A., health & safety Code § 826.022 This Texas statute provides that a human being commits an violation (Class C misdemeanor) if the person falls short or refuses to have each dog or cat own by the person vaccinated against rabies and the pet is compelled to it is in vaccinated under applicable state regulation or regional ordinance.
TX - Ordinances - § 826.034. Restraint; Criminal Penalty. V. T. C. A., wellness & safety Code § 826.034 This Texas statute offers that a person commits an violation (Class C misdemeanor) if the person stops working or refuses to restrain a dog or cat own by the person and the animal is compelled to be restrained under the ordinances or rules embraced under this chapter.
TX - Ordinances - § 215.032. Exhibitions; Shows; Amusements V.T.C.A., Local government Code § 215.032 This state authorizes municipalities to prohibit or regulate circuses, exhibitions, and also menageries.
TX - Ordinances - § 1.08. Preemption V. T. C. A., Penal password § 1.08 This law gives for preemption the state criminal laws over the laws enacted by governmental subdivisions or agencies.
TX - Lien, veterinarian - § 70.010. Liens because that Veterinary treatment Charges for large Animals V. T. C. A., home Code § 70.010 This Texas legislation relates to veterinary liens for large animals, identified as breed cub or a cow, horse, mule, ass, sheep, goat, llama, alpaca, farm elk, or hog. The ax does not incorporate a common household pet such as a cat or dog. A license is granted veterinarian has a lien ~ above a huge animal and the proceeds indigenous the disposition of the large animal to secure the expense of veterinary treatment the veterinarian detailed to the huge animal. The lien attaches top top the 20th job after the veterinarian an initial provided treatment to the huge animal and also attaches nevertheless of whether the veterinarian retains possession that the animal.
TX - patent - § 826.032. Registration; Criminal punish V. T. C. A., health and wellness & safety Code § 826.032 This Texas statute offers that a human commits an offense (Class C misdemeanor) if he or she fails to or refuses to it is registered or existing for registration a dog or cat owned by the person as forced by state regulation or local ordinance.
TX - patent - § 826.031. Registration of Dogs and also Cats by local Governments. V. T. C. A., health and wellness & safety Code § 826.031 This Texas statute gives that the governing body of a municipality and also the commissioners court that a ar may adopt ordinances or rules requiring the registration of every dog and cat in ~ the jurisdiction of the municipality or county. Fees might be accumulated pursuant to such ordinances to defray costs.
TX - law Enforcement - Nonlethal responses to dog meet V.T.C.A., Occupations password §§ 1701.253; 1701.261; 1701.402 these statutes call for training because that Texas regulation enforcement in nonlethal responses to encounters through dogs.
TX - efforts - Proposition 6, appropriate to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife Proposition 6 (2015)

This proposed constitutional amendment recognizes the appropriate of the human being to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife topic to laws that encourage wildlife conservation. It to be a legislative branch referendum initially proposed as Senate share Resolution 22 (attached below). The measure up passed in November 2015 with 82% of the vote.

TX - Impound - § 826.033. Restraint, Impoundment, and Disposition of Dogs and Cats. V. T. C. A., health & security Code § 826.033 This Texas statute gives that a municipality or county may embrace ordinances or rules to require that every dog or cat it is in restrained by its owner and also that any type of stray dog or cat be asserted a publicly nuisance. Further, it have the right to declare that each unrestrained dog or cat be detained or impounded by the local rabies manage authority. Every stray dog or cat be impounded because that a period set through ordinance or rule and a humane disposition it is in made of each unclaimed stray dog or cat top top its expiration.
TX - Impound - thing 823. Animal Shelters V. T. C. A., health and wellness & security Code § 823.001 - 009 thing 823 enumerates the criter by which pet shelters chandelier comply. It sets forth confinement requirements, permissible develops of euthanasia, and personnel requirements.
TX - Hunting, box - § 62.015. Hunting and Possession that Exotic pets V.T.C.A., Parks & Wildlife code § 62.015 This Texas law gives that no human on a public road or on the right-of-way of a publicly road might hunt an exotic animal. In addition, no person may hunting on the floor of an additional for one exotic animal without the refer consent of the owner that the land come hunt for exotic animals. A human being who violates this ar commits an offense that is a course A Parks and Wildlife code misdemeanor.
TX - hunting - § 62.0125. Harassment of Hunters, Trappers, and Fishermen V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife code § 62.0125 This legislation represents Texas" hunter harassment law, likewise known together the Sportsman"s legal rights Act. Under the section, a person may not deliberately interfere with another person lawfully involved in the process of searching or recording wildlife, or intentionally harass, drive, or disturb any kind of wildlife because that the function of disrupting lawful hunting. Violation is a course B misdemeanor. That is an affirmative defense to prosecution the the defendant"s conduct is safeguarded by the right to freedom of speech under the structure of this state or the joined States.
TX - searching - § 62.002. Computer-Assisted Remote hunting V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife code § 62.002 Under this Texas statute, a person may not connect in computer-assisted remote searching or provide or operate such framework if the animal being hunted is situated in Texas. A violation is a class B misdemeanor.
TX - searching - Subchapter F. Unlawful controlled Killing the or Attempting to damaged Dangerous Wild Animals. V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife code § 62.101 - 107 This Texas statute offers that no human being may kill or attempt to damaged a attention wild pet that is in captivity in this state or released from captivity in this state because that the objective of gift killed.
TX - hunting - Subchapter B. Seasons and Limits. § 64.011. Eagle. V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife password § 64.011 This ar of the Texas code prohibits the death ofa gold or mexican brown eagle other than by permit (refers to the permit to kill wildlife the is threatening farming interests or publicly safety).
TX - horse - sale of Horsemeat (Chapter 149. Sale of Horsemeat for human being Consumption) V. T. C. A., agriculture Code § 149.001 - 007 this statutes prohibit the revenue of horsemeat, the possession that horsemeat through the will to sell, and also the discovering transfer of horsemeat come a human who intends to offer it for human being consumption. Horsemeat is characterized as the meat of an animal of the genus equus. Prima facie proof of an violation is prescribed by this statues and also includes, because that example, the visibility of horsemeat in a restaurant or cafe. The penalty because that an offense may be a good of approximately a $1,000, confinement because that not much less than 30 days and also not much more than two years, or both a fine and also confinement.
TX - Fighting - § 42.10. Dog Fighting. V. T. C. A., Penal password § 42.10 Texas criminal statute the prohibits dog fighting. Actions ranging from bring about a dog come fight with one more to attending a dog fight together a spectator are prohibited. To constitute an offense, one must demonstrate the requisite intent of deliberately or knowingly.
TX - Exotic pets - Subchapter A. Regulation of maintaining of Wild animals V. T. C. A., Local federal government Code § 240.001 - 004 In this subchapter, wild pet is defined as a nondomestic pet that the commissioners court the a county identify is dangerous and also is in require of manage in that county. The commissioners court that a county by order might prohibit or regulate the keeping of a wild pet in the county. A human being commits a course C misdemeanor if the human being violates one order embraced under this subchapter and also the order defines the violation together an offense.
TX - Equine task Liability - chapter 87. Liability arising from Equine activities or breed boy Shows. V. T. C. A., Civil practice & Remedies password § 87.001 - 005 This Texas section offers that every persons, consisting of a farm animal activity sponsor, farm animal professional, farm owner or lessee, livestock producer, livestock show participant, or livestock show sponsor, room not liable because that property damage or damages arising from the personal injury or death of a participant in a farm yard animal task or livestock display if the property damage, injury, or fatality results from the risks or problems that room an inherent risk the a farm yard animal, a farm animal activity, the showing of an pet on a competitive basis in a breed boy show, or the elevating or managing of livestock on a farm. The statute likewise requires the clearly shows displaying that "clearly readable" warning indicators that alert participants to the limitation of liability by law.
TX - Endangered species - thing 68. Endangered species V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife password § 68.001 - 021 Texas defines endangered species as those noted on the commonwealth ESA List as well as those designated in the state. No person may capture, trap, take, or kill, or effort to capture, trap, take, or kill, intimidated fish or wildlife nor may he or she possess, sell, distribute, or offer or advertise for sale those species (unless enabled as described in the subchapter). Notably, this chapter excepts from its provisions coyotes, cougars, bobcats, prairie dogs, and also red foxes (with no mention regarding what occurs in the event they end up being endangered). Violation of the provisions results in a class C Parks and also Wildlife code misdemeanor for the first offense, a class B misdemeanor for the second offense, and also a course A misdemeanor for succeeding offenses.
TX - domestic Violence - § 85.021-.022 Protective order V.T.C.A., family members Code § 85.021 -.022 In a protective stimulate in Texas, the court might prohibit a party from removing a pet, companion animal, or assistance animal, as identified by ar 121.002, person Resources Code, indigenous the possession of a human being named in the order. Furthermore, in a protective order, the court may prohibit the person uncovered to have committed household violence from harming, threatening, or interfering v the care, custody, or regulate of a pet, companion animal, or assistance animal that is possessed by or is in the yes, really or constructive treatment of a person safeguarded by an order or by a member the the household or household of a person defended by an order.
TX - Dogs, rescue - thing 785. Search and Rescue dogs V.T.C.A., health and wellness & security Code § 785.001 - .005 This chapter of laws faces search and also rescue dogs and their handlers. All search and rescue dog handlers should be certified by the nationwide Association for Search and also Rescue or one more state or nationally well-known search and rescue agency. This chapter of laws allows for search and also rescue dogs and also their handlers equal access to every public facilities. If any type of person denies accessibility to a search and rescue dog or their handler, the or she will be guilty the a misdemeanor punishable through a well of not less than $300 or an ext than $1,000. If the search and rescue dog causes any damage while in the facility, the handler will be exclusively responsible.
TX - Dog - Consolidated Dog legislations V.T.C.A., health & safety Code §§ 821.076 - 081; 822.001 - 100; § 823.001 - 009; § 826.001 - 055; § 828.001 - 015; V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife password § 62.0065; § 62.016 this Texas statutes consist of the state"s dog laws. Amongst the provisions incorporate the attention dog laws, registration and also vaccination requirements, and also sterilization laws.
TX - catastrophe - § 418.043. Various other Powers and Duties (pet disaster planning) V. T. C. A., government Code § 418.043 The Texas department of Emergency monitoring is command to aid political subdivisions in emerging plans for the humane evacuation, transport, and temporary shelter of business animals and also household pet in a disaster.
TX - danger - § 822.0422. Reporting of incident in certain Counties and Municipalities V. T. C. A., health & security Code § 822.0422 This Texas statute outlines the steps for reporting a danger dog event in counties through a populace of at the very least 2,800,000 in i beg your pardon an ordinance has been adopted pursuant to this section. It explains the reporting and also seizure requirements should an owner failure to turn over an implicated dog.
TX - dangerous - Subchapter E: danger Wild pets V. T. C. A., health & security Code § 822.101 - 116 chapter 822, Subchapter E regulates the maintaining of danger wild animals. That imposes a registration requirement upon the owner the a dangerous wild animal and additionally sets forth insurance requirements. One thing to keep in mind is the Texas animal cruelty laws do not apply to this wild animals.
TX - attention - Subchapter D: Dangerous dog V. T. C. A., wellness & safety Code § 822.041 - 047 chapter 822, Subchapter D addresses attention dogs and their treatment, consisting of dog attacks, registration, defenses, hurt of the statute.
TX - danger - Subchapter B: dog That space A danger to animals V. T. C. A., health and wellness & safety Code § 822.011 - 013 Subchapter B prohibits dogs from running at huge and enumerates the criminal penalty for such violation.
TX - Cruelty - Consolidated Cruelty law V.T.C.A., Penal code § 42.09; § 42.091; § 42.092; § 42.10; § 42.105 These comprise Texas" anti-cruelty laws. Texas has laws the prohibit cruelty to both livestock (sec. 42.09) and also non-livestock animals (sec. 42.092). Both regulations requires a scienter of purposely or knowingly, and enumerate limited defenses. "Animal" way a tamed living creature and also wild living creature formerly captured however does not encompass an uncaptured wild creature. Also included is Texas animal fighting provision, i m sorry criminalizes being a spectator at an animal fighting exhibition among other things. In 2011, Texas spread a legislation prohibiting cockfighting.
TX - Cruelty - thing 829. Animal Control Officer cultivate V. T. C. A., health & safety and security Code § 829.001 - 009 This chapter concerns the meeting of animal control policemans in Texas. The chapter calls for that an animal control officer complete training, which contains at least a 12-hour straightforward animal manage course and also subsequent continuing education.
TX - Cruelty - thing 821. Treatment and also Disposition that Animals. V. T. C. A., health & safety Code § 821.001 - 026; § 821.051 - 057; § 821.076 - 081 This Texas ar addresses the therapy of animals and also disposition that cruelly treated animals.
TX - Counseling - § 54.0407. Cruelty come Animals: Counseling Required. V. T. C. A., family Code § 54.0407 because that juveniles convicted under the Texas criminal animal cruelty statute (found at Tex. Penal password § 42.09), mental counseling is required.
TX - Circus - thing 2152. Regulation that Circuses, Carnivals, and also Zoos. V. T. C. A., Occupations password § 2152.001 - 202 (Repealed 2015) keep in mind chapter repealed: Repealed by plot 2015, 84th Leg., ch. 1 (S.B. 219), § 5.318(14), eff. April 2, 2015. This collection of Texas laws involves the regulation the carnivals, circuses, and zoos. However, circuses space specifically exempted indigenous regulation if they space licensed by the USDA and also if the circus offers proof the (mandatory) inspection at least once a year. "Circus" is defined as a commercial selection show featuring pet acts because that public entertainment. In Texas, the Texas plank of health must take on standards for the operation of circuses, carnivals, and zoos the promote humane problems for animals and also protect the general public health and safety. A person may not operate a circus, carnival, or zoo uneven the person holds a patent issued under this chapter for the circus, carnival, or zoo. A human being who intended operates a circus there is no a license under this chapter commits a class C misdemeanor.
TX - Breeder - chapter 802. Dog or Cat Breeders. V. T. C. A., Occupations password § 802.001 - 251 Under the Texas Dog or Cat Breeders Act, a human may no act as a dog or cat breeder without a license. Facilities must it is in inspected at least once every 18-months, and inspectors must notify the legislation enforcement if they uncover evidence of animal cruelty or neglect. This Act also establishes a dog or cat breeder training and also enforcement account that deserve to be used for promoting customer awareness the this chapter, and supporting education, training, and enforcement efforts.
TX - Assistance animals - help Animal/Guide Dog regulations V. T. C. A., federal government Code § 661.910; V. T. C. A., human being Resources code § 121.002 - 009; V. T. C. A., Penal password § 42.091; V.T.C.A., Penal code § 38.151; V. T. C. A., transport Code § 552.008 - 010; V. T. C. A., wellness & safety Code§ 437.023; The complying with statutes consist of the state"s relevant help animal and guide dog laws.
TX - Assault, sexual of animal - § 21.09. Bestiality V. T. C. A., Penal code § 21.09 This law represents Texas" ban on bestiality, which to be enacted in 2017. A human commits this offense if he or she engages in noted contact with an animal. Additionally, a human being violates this regulation if the or she: possesses or provides an pet for together purpose; organizes, promotes or participates in such conduct; permits such conduct in ~ premises under his or she control; engages in conduct listed described in the presence of a son younger 보다 18 years of age; or advertises, offers, or accepts the sell of an animal with the will that the animal be supplied in this state because that conduct described. Violation is a state jail felony uneven the command is excellent in the presence of a child younger than 18 or the conduct outcomes in significant bodily injury or death of the animal; the violation is a felony of the second degree in those cases.
TX - animal Regulation - § 215.026. Pets at huge V.T.C.A., Local government Code § 215.026 This statute offers municipalities in the state the Texas to establish and regulate pounds and also the to run at large of horses, mules, cattle, sheep, swine or goats. The statute also enables municipalities to handle the capture, impounding, and sale of any pet at big that is in violation the this statute. Municipalities may also impose penalty on the owner of the pet that is in violation the the statute.
TX - Alligators - thing 65. Alligators V. T. C. A., Parks & Wildlife password § 65.001 - 104 Under this Texas statutes, no human being may take, sell, purchase, or own an alligator, one alligator egg, or any part of one alligator there is no a permit.

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