Marvel’s Avengers and classic Disney personalities seem to walk hand in hand. We’ve formerly seen artist reimagine Disney princesses together super cool superheroes and drawing lock in practically every format you can imagine.

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Instagram artist Samuel Cheve has actually taken this one step more by reworking a tonne of classic Disney personalities to make them look similar to Earth’s mightiest heroes.

This is the mashup we never ever knew us needed!

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Artist imagines Disney characters as Avengers

Flynn Rider together Tony distinct / steel Man


The newest personality from Frozen II looks terrific donning the mantle the the black Panther. We have the right to absolutely imagine Matthias in a superhero movie thanks to his regal pose and cool voice, but the vibranium fit is simply the icing on the cake.

Sadly, the happen of Chadwick Boseman put this snapshot in a brand-new light. Still, an excellent and fitting addition to the “Disney personalities as Avengers” collection.

We want to see so much an ext of Samuel’s work! We require an Avengers mashup because that every solitary Disney man classic. In the meantime, make sure you check out the complete collection ~ above Instagram.

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Which Disney personality in the Marvel Cinematic Universe do you like? permit us know in the comment below.