The collection team dominance states when two vowels walk walking the first does the talking and also the second vowel is silent. That course, there room exceptions. The mix of the vowels “i” and also “e” can result in the lengthy e sound, e.g., achieve, belief, chief, field, priest, piece and siege.

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Open Syllable ascendancy – lengthy E An open syllable occurs once a vowel is in ~ the end of the rate (it is not closed by a consonant). We provided examples below.Initial Sound – emit, evil, even and eclipseMedial Sound – area, really, female and legalFinal Sound – be, he, she & weY as a vowel The letter Y as a vowel is much more common 보다 Y together a consonant. Once the letter “y” is at the finish of word, it periodically makes the long e sound, e.g., baby, candy, family and city. Y as a collection at the finish of a native can also make the long i sound, e.g., my, cry.

Long E Words

The table listed below contains over 275 words. They are categorized into one that the five typical ways to spell the lengthy e sound together discussed over – Vowel teams (2), Irregular collection Team, open up Syllable Rule and Y as a Vowel.

Long E WordsCategoryWord household / Sound
achieveIrregular vowel Team - IE-
anyY as a Vowelfinal
areaOpen valuation Rulemedial sound
babyY as a Vowelfinal
beOpen rate Rulefinal sound
beachVowel Team - EA-each
beadVowel Team - EA-ead
beakVowel Team - EA-eak
beamVowel Team - EA-eam
beanVowel Team - EA-ean
beastVowel Team - EA-east
beatVowel Team - EA-eat
beeVowel Team - EE-ee
beechVowel Team - EE-eech
beepVowel Team - EE-eep
beerVowel Team - EE-eer
beetVowel Team - EE-eet
beingOpen syllable Rulemedial sound
beliefIrregular collection Team - IE-ief
believeIrregular vowel Team - IE-
bleachVowel Team - EA-each
bleakVowel Team - EA-eak
bleatVowel Team - EA-eat
bleedVowel Team - EE-eed
bodyY as a Vowelfinal
breachVowel Team - EA-each
breechVowel Team - EE-eech
breedVowel Team - EE-eed
breezeVowel Team - EE-eeze
briefIrregular collection Team - IE-ief
bunnyY together a Vowelfinal
candyY together a Vowelfinal
cedarOpen valuation Rulemedial sound
cheapVowel Team - EA-eap
cheatVowel Team - EA-eat
cheekVowel Team - EE-eek
cheepVowel Team - EE-eep
chiefIrregular collection Team - IE-ief
cityY as a Vowelfinal
cleanVowel Team - EA-ean
clearVowel Team - EA-ear
cleatVowel Team - EA-eat
cleaveVowel Team - EA-eave
copyY together a Vowelfinal
countryY as a Vowelfinal
creakVowel Team - EA-eak
creamVowel Team - EA-eam
creedVowel Team - EE-eed
creekVowel Team - EE-eek
creelVowel Team - EE-eel
creepVowel Team - EE-eep
daddyY together a Vowelfinal
dealVowel Team - EA-eal
deanVowel Team - EA-ean
dearVowel Team - EA-ear
deedVowel Team - EE-eed
deemVowel Team - EE-eem
deepVowel Team - EE-eep
deerVowel Team - EE-eer
demonOpen syllable Rulemedial sound
depotOpen syllable Rulemedial sound
dreamVowel Team - EA-eam
earlyY as a Vowelfinal
easyY as a Vowelfinal
eclipseOpen valuation Ruleinitial sound
ecologyOpen valuation Ruleinitial sound
edictOpen rate Ruleinitial sound
EgyptianOpen syllable Ruleinitial sound
e-mailOpen valuation Ruleinitial sound
emissionOpen rate Ruleinitial sound
emitOpen rate Ruleinitial sound
energyY together a Vowelfinal
enunciateOpen valuation Ruleinitial sound
equalOpen rate Ruleinitial sound
equatorOpen syllable Ruleinitial sound
equinoxOpen valuation Ruleinitial sound
etherOpen syllable Ruleinitial sound
evenOpen syllable Ruleinitial sound
eveningOpen rate Ruleinitial sound
everyY together a Vowelfinal
evilOpen rate Ruleinitial sound
familyY together a Vowelfinal
fearVowel Team - EA-ear
feastVowel Team - EA-east
featVowel Team - EA-eat
feeVowel Team - EE-ee
feedVowel Team - EE-eed
feelVowel Team - EE-eel
feetVowel Team - EE-eet
femaleOpen syllable Rulemedial sound
fieldIrregular vowel Team - IE-ield
fleaVowel Team - EA-ea
fleeVowel Team - EE-ee
fleetVowel Team - EE-eet
freakVowel Team - EA-eak
freeVowel Team - EE-ee
freedVowel Team - EE-eed
freezeVowel Team - EE-eeze
funnyY together a Vowelfinal
gearVowel Team - EA-ear
gleamVowel Team - EA-eam
gleanVowel Team - EA-ean
gleeVowel Team - EE-ee
greedVowel Team - EE-eed
GreekVowel Team - EE-eek
greenVowel Team - EE-een
greetVowel Team - EE-eet
griefIrregular collection Team - IE-ief
happyY as a Vowelfinal
heOpen rate Rulefinal sound
healVowel Team - EA-eal
heapVowel Team - EA-eap
hearVowel Team - EA-ear
heatVowel Team - EA-eat
heaveVowel Team - EA-eave
heavyY as a Vowelfinal
heedVowel Team - EE-eed
heelVowel Team - EE-eel
JeanVowel Team - EA-ean
JeepVowel Team - EE-eep
jeerVowel Team - EE-eer
keelVowel Team - EE-eel
keenVowel Team - EE-een
keepVowel Team - EE-eep
kneadVowel Team - EA-ead
kneeVowel Team - EE-ee
kneedVowel Team - EE-eed
ladyY together a Vowelfinal
leachVowel Team - EA-each
leadVowel Team - EA-ead
leakVowel Team - EA-eak
leanVowel Team - EA-ean
leapVowel Team - EA-eap
leastVowel Team - EA-east
leaveVowel Team - EA-eave
LeeVowel Team - EE-ee
leechVowel Team - EE-eech
leekVowel Team - EE-eek
leerVowel Team - EE-eer
legalOpen valuation Rulemedial sound
manyY together a Vowelfinal
maybeOpen valuation Rulefinal sound
meOpen rate Rulefinal sound
mealVowel Team - EA-eal
meanVowel Team - EA-ean
meatVowel Team - EA-eat
meekVowel Team - EE-eek
meetVowel Team - EE-eet
meterOpen syllable Rulemedial sound
mommyY as a Vowelfinal
moneyY together a Vowelfinal
museumOpen rate Rulemedial sound
nearVowel Team - EA-ear
neatVowel Team - EA-eat
needVowel Team - EE-eed
nieceIrregular vowel Team - IE-
onlyY as a Vowelfinal
peaVowel Team - EA-ea
peachVowel Team - EA-each
peakVowel Team - EA-eak
pealVowel Team - EA-eal
peatVowel Team - EA-eat
peekVowel Team - EE-eek
peelVowel Team - EE-eel
peepVowel Team - EE-eep
peerVowel Team - EE-eer
pennyY together a Vowelfinal
pieceIrregular vowel Team - IE-
pleaVowel Team - EA-ea
pleadVowel Team - EA-ead
pleatVowel Team - EA-eat
preachVowel Team - EA-each
preenVowel Team - EE-een
prefixOpen syllable Rulemedial sound
prettyY as a Vowelfinal
priestIrregular vowel Team - IE-
puppyY as a Vowelfinal
queenVowel Team - EE-een
queerVowel Team - EE-eer
quicklyY together a Vowelfinal
reachVowel Team - EA-each
reactOpen valuation Rulemedial sound
readVowel Team - EA-ead
readyY together a Vowelfinal
realVowel Team - EA-eal
reallyOpen rate Rulemedial sound
reallyY together a Vowelfinal
reamVowel Team - EA-eam
reapVowel Team - EA-eap
rearVowel Team - EA-ear
recentOpen valuation Rulemedial sound
recycleOpen valuation Rulemedial sound
reedVowel Team - EE-eed
reekVowel Team - EE-eek
reelVowel Team - EE-eel
reliefIrregular vowel Team - IE-ief
sandyY as a Vowelfinal
screamVowel Team - EA-eam
screechVowel Team - EE-eech
screenVowel Team - EE-een
seaVowel Team - EA-ea
sealVowel Team - EA-eal
seamVowel Team - EA-eam
searVowel Team - EA-ear
seatVowel Team - EA-eat
secretOpen valuation Rulemedial sound
seeVowel Team - EE-ee
seedVowel Team - EE-eed
seekVowel Team - EE-eek
seemVowel Team - EE-eem
seenVowel Team - EE-een
seepVowel Team - EE-eep
seerVowel Team - EE-eer
sheOpen rate Rulefinal sound
shearVowel Team - EA-ear
sheaveVowel Team - EA-eave
sheenVowel Team - EE-een
sheepVowel Team - EE-eep
sheetVowel Team - EE-eet
shieldIrregular collection Team - IE-ield
siegeIrregular collection Team - IE-
skeetVowel Team - EE-eet
sleekVowel Team - EE-eek
sleepVowel Team - EE-eep
sleetVowel Team - EE-eet
smearVowel Team - EA-ear
sneakVowel Team - EA-eak
sneerVowel Team - EE-eer
sneezeVowel Team - EE-eeze
speakVowel Team - EA-eak
spearVowel Team - EA-ear
speechVowel Team - EE-eech
speedVowel Team - EE-eed
squeakVowel Team - EA-eak
squealVowel Team - EA-eal
squeezeVowel Team - EE-eeze
stealVowel Team - EA-eal
steamVowel Team - EA-eam
steedVowel Team - EE-eed
steelVowel Team - EE-eel
steepVowel Team - EE-eep
steerVowel Team - EE-eer
storyY together a Vowelfinal
streakVowel Team - EA-eak
streamVowel Team - EA-eam
streetVowel Team - EE-eet
studyY as a Vowelfinal
sunnyY together a Vowelfinal
sweepVowel Team - EE-eep
sweetVowel Team - EE-eet
teaVowel Team - EA-ea
teachVowel Team - EA-each
teakVowel Team - EA-eak
tealVowel Team - EA-eal
teamVowel Team - EA-eam
tearVowel Team - EA-ear
teeVowel Team - EE-ee
teemVowel Team - EE-eem
teenVowel Team - EE-een
thiefIrregular collection Team - IE-ief
threeVowel Team - EE-ee
treatVowel Team - EA-eat
treeVowel Team - EE-ee
treedVowel Team - EE-eed
tweakVowel Team - EA-eak
tweedVowel Team - EE-eed
tweetVowel Team - EE-eet
tweezeVowel Team - EE-eeze
usuallyY together a Vowelfinal
vealVowel Team - EA-eal
veryY as a Vowelfinal
weOpen rate Rulefinal sound
weakVowel Team - EA-eak
weanVowel Team - EA-ean
weaveVowel Team - EA-eave
weeVowel Team - EE-ee
weedVowel Team - EE-eed
weekVowel Team - EE-eek
weepVowel Team - EE-eep
wheatVowel Team - EA-eat
wheelVowel Team - EE-eel
wheezeVowel Team - EE-eeze
yearVowel Team - EA-ear
yeastVowel Team - EA-east
yieldIrregular collection Team - IE-ield
zealVowel Team - EA-eal
zebraOpen syllable Rulemedial sound


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Source: Fry, E.B., Ph.D. & Kress, J.E., Ed.D. (2006). The ReadingTeacher’s book of Lists 5th Edition. mountain Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass