Switch the text direction to right-to-left (it"s one of the context menu options)Paste (sorry, it"s jibberish) מ 2000-2013 הObserve the the year range is presented left-to-right.Paste (ditto together for Hebrew) ة 2000-2013 مObserve that the selection direction is right-to-left.

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If you use an en-dash instead of the hyphen in step 2, then the variety will it is in formatted together in action 4.

The thing is, the en-dash is the wanted symbol for ranges. Is this simply a typical bug?

A friend who is a indigenous Hebrew speak told me that the number variety looks weird once it"s formatted right-to-left, but I haven"t been able come find any type of official details online about this.

The Notepad test doesn"t necessarily check that ranges have to be formatted left-to-right in Hebrew, only that the hyphen has actually a different effect ~ above number varieties in the Arabic and the Hebrew contexts.

What"s the main word?

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Tatiana RachevaTatiana Racheva
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According to the Academy of Hebrew Language, Hebrew numeric ranges have to be created right-to-left.



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answer Oct 18 "16 in ~ 6:02

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I"m a native Hebrew speaker and I disagree through your friend: ranges are generally written appropriate to left, e.g. 2013-2000. Here"s an instance from Wikipedia. It does look strange from an English speaker"s perspective, however that"s the convention.

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There is no consensus on the composing direction because that the numerical string indicating the variety or period in Hebrew. Together you can see accordingly to the decision of the Academy that the Hebrew Language "a range of number in Hebrew have to be written from right-to-left", but many Hebrew speakers disagree with this view, arguing that that is "not a organic direction because that the numeric range", it is "in contrary to the direction of number in mathematics" and should be created from left-to-right (post the 06 February, 11:22 to be on the Facebook web page of The Academy that the Hebrew Language, 2020). So the answer relies on that you asking :) Both exist:)

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reply Jun 29 "20 in ~ 11:55

Yulia GoldenbergYulia Goldenberg
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I am no a native speaker, yet I have studied Hebrew (albeit) Biblical Hebrew, but as much as I recognize the ideal to left syntax that a Hebrew sentence contains numerical sets. Just my opinion.

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answered jan 8 "14 in ~ 1:02

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