A pseudonym the Elisabetta Dami, aka Geronimo Stilton. Elisabetta Dami is an Italian writer that at this time resides in Italy. She is the writer of the Geronimo Stilton series, a bestselling childrens book. She enjoys travel the human being seeking concepts for she series. She to write under a pseudonym the Geronimo Stilton. She is additionally a co-owner that Italian based publishing company Edizioni Piemme. Her publications have been translated into English by Scholastic Inc.

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Geronimo Stilton: Thea Stilton1. Thea Stilton and also the Dragon"s code (2009) (with Geronimo Stilton)2. Thea Stilton and also the mountain of Fire (2009) (with Geronimo Stilton)3. Thea Stilton and also the Ghost that the Shipwreck (2010) (with Geronimo Stilton)4. Thea Stilton and also the secret City (2010) (with Geronimo Stilton)5. Thea Stilton and the secret in Paris (2010) (with Geronimo Stilton)6. Thea Stilton and also the Cherry flower Adventure (2011) (with Geronimo Stilton)7. Thea Stilton and also the Star Castaways (2011) (with Geronimo Stilton)8. Huge Trouble in the large Apple (2011) (with Geronimo Stilton)9. Thea Stilton and the ice Treasure (2011) (with Geronimo Stilton)10. Thea Stilton and the secret of the Old lock (2012) (with Geronimo Stilton)11. Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab hunting (2012) (with Geronimo Stilton)12. Thea Stilton and also the Prince"s Emerald (2012) (with Geronimo Stilton)13. Thea Stilton and the an enig on the Orient to express (2012) (with Geronimo Stilton)14. Thea Stilton and the dancing Shadows (2013)15. Thea Stilton and also the Legend the the Fire flowers (2013)16. Thea Stilton and also the Spanish run Mission (2013)17. Thea Stilton and the trip to the Lion"s Den (2013)18. Thea Stilton and also the good Tulip Heist (2014)19. Thea Stilton and the coco Sabotage (2014) (with Geronimo Stilton)20. Thea Stilton and the missing Myth (2014) (with Geronimo Stilton)21. Thea Stilton and the lost Letters (2015) (with Geronimo Stilton)22. Thea Stilton and also the Tropical sweetheart (2015) (with Geronimo Stilton)23. Thea Stilton and the Hollywood Hoax (2016) (with Geronimo Stilton)24. Thea Stilton and also the Madagascar wildly (2016) (with Geronimo Stilton)25. Thea Stilton and the Frozen Fiasco (2017)26. Thea Stilton and also the Venice Masquerade (2017)27. Thea Stilton and also the Niagara Splash (2018)28. Thea Stilton and the Riddle that the damages (2018)29. The Phantom that the Orchestra (2019)30. Black forest Burglary (2019)31. Gyeongju for the gold (2020)32. The Rainforest Rescue (2020)33. The American Dream (2021)34. The roman Holiday (2021)35. Fiesta in Mexico (2022)

Thea Stilton special Edition1. The trip to Atlantis (2012)2. The mystery of the Fairies (2013)3. The an enig of the eye (2014)4. The Cloud lock (2015)5. The treasure of the Sea (2016)6. The soil of flower (2017)7. The mystery of the decision Fairies (2018)8. The dance of the Star Fairies (2019)9. The Magic the the winter (2020)

Thea Stilton graphic Novel1. The mystery of Whale Island (2013)2. Revenge the the Lizard society (2013)3. The sweetheart of the Viking delivery (2014)4. Catching the gigantic Wave (2014)5. The secret of the Waterfall in the Woods (2016)6. The Thea Sisters and also the secret At Sea (2016)7. A tune Fot The Thea sister (2017)8. The Thea Sisters and also the large Storm (2017)Thea Stilton 2 in 1 (2020)

Mouseford Academy1. Drama at Mouseford (2014)2. The lacking Diary (2014)3. Mouselets in peril (2014)4. Dance an obstacle (2014)5. The mystery Invention (2015)6. A Mouseford musical (2015)7. Mice take the stage (2019)8. A Fashionable an enig (2019)9. The secret Love Letter (2016)10. A Dream on ice (2016)11. Lights Camera Action! (2016)12. Mice on the Runway (2017)13. Sea turtle Rescue (2017)14. The secret Notebook (2018)15. The Friendship cooking recipes (2018)16. The imperial Ball (2018)17. The Puppy difficulty (2018)

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Thea Stilton and also the treasure Seekers1. The endowment Seekers (2019)2. Compass the the Stars (2020)3. The Legend the the Maze (2021)