Catholics abstain from meat meat on Ash Wednesday, great Friday, and also the Fridays the Lent.

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Abstinence is one of our oldest Christian traditions. “From the very first century, the day of the crucifixion has actually been traditionally observed together a job of abstaining from meat meat (“black fast”) to honor Christ who sacrificed his flesh on a Friday” (Klein, P., Catholic resource Book, 78).

Up till 1966 Church law prohibited meat on all Fridays transparent the entire year. The new law to be promulgated in 1983 in the revised Code that Canon Law which states, “Abstinence come be observed on Ash Wednesday and also on the Friday that the Passion and also Death of our mr Jesus Christ” (Canon 1251). “All people who have completed their fourteenth year space bound by the legislation of abstinence” (Canon 1252). The U. S. Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) extended this regulation to incorporate all Fridays in Lent.

Since Jesus sacrificed his meat for us on great Friday, we refrain from eating flesh meat in his respect on Fridays. Meat meat consists of the meat the mammals and also poultry, and also the main foodstuffs that come under this heading room beef and pork, chicken and also turkey. While meat is prohibited, the non-flesh products of these pets are not, things choose milk, cheese, butter, and also eggs.

Fish perform not belong to the flesh meat category. The Latin word because that meat, caro, native which we acquire English words choose carnivore and also carnivorous, uses strictly to meat meat and has never been interpreted to incorporate fish. Furthermore, in previous times meat meat was much more expensive, consumed only occasionally, and also associated through feasting and rejoicing; whereas fish to be cheap, eaten more often, and also not linked with celebrations.

Abstinence is a type of penance. Penance expresses sorrow and contrition for our wrongdoing, indicates our intentionally to turn away native sin and also turn ago to God, and makes reparation for our sins, it help to cancel the debt and also pay the penalties occurs by ours transgressions.

Abstinence is a kind of asceticism, the exercise of self-denial to thrive in holiness. Jesus asks his hands-on worker to deny themselves and also take up their Cross (Mt 16:24). Abstinence is a sober means to practice simplicity and also austerity, to deny the cravings that our bodies to respect Jesus who practiced the ultimate kind of self-denial as soon as he offered his body for united state on the Cross. Thus, to give up flesh meat ~ above Fridays, just to feast ~ above lobster tail or Alaskan king crab, is to defeat the ascetical function of abstinence. Much less is more! There are countless choices for basic Friday meatless dinners: pancakes, waffles, soup and rolls, chipped tuna on toast, macaroni and also cheese, fried egg sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese pizza, and also of course, fish.

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