Over the decades afew HGTV shows have actually cemented their condition as true classics. HouseHunters, because that example, has end up being a true legend, and Fixer Upper maybe off the air yet it will never ever go out of style. But long before Chip andJoanna Gaines educated the entire country that every house might usea small shiplap, we had Canice Olson enlightening united state to the transformativepower of crystal chandeliers.

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The present Divine Design aired on HGTV native 2003 through2011, but the legacy lives top top in the hearts and minds of fans. So why exactly didthe present get canceled?


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‘Divine Design’ highlighted important transformative renovations

One prerequisite of being a successful television show host ~ above HGTV is having actually a funny personality. That’s why the Property Brothers room so successful and why My Lottery Dream Home hold David Bromstad is a beloved favorite.

Divine Design host Olson fit right in through all theother effervescent hosts on the network. Prior to commercial breaks, she’d frequently performfunny skits and was constantly cracking jokes through her crew, specifically her electricianChico.

As among the preeminent designers in Canada, residence base for many of HGTV’s shows, she and also her team brought enthusiasm, skill, and also most importantly, dramatic large reveals to the network. No wonder the display lasted because that so numerous seasons.

Candice Olson ceded upscale yet obtainable designs tohomeowners

HGTVdescribes Olson’s approach as, “sophisticated and stylish,” i m sorry is a goodsummary that the look she achieved for each project. The popular designer wasknown because that reupholstering older piece of furniture to make them look new and absolutelyavoiding corresponding furniture to adjust no issue what.

She was well-known for listening to the homeowners and consistently fulfilling your vision specifically how they want — or better.

Why was ‘Divine Design’ canceled?

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A short article shared through Candice Olson (

It’s quite superior that Divine Design lasted almost a decade on HGTV, but as they say, all good things must pertained to an end. Yes no particular reason provided for Divine Design gift canceled. However, Olson walk host another show top top the network shortly after called Candice tells All, i m sorry aired from 2011 – 2015.

The twisted on her brand-new show was that Olson gave a an ext behind-the-scenes look in ~ her process and invited the audience into her process. The official summary called the show a, “backstage pass into Olson’s working people — unplugged but never unhinged.”

What is Candice Olson doing now?

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A write-up shared through Candice Olson (

Olson is quiet an inner designer through a thriving organization inCanada and used she popularity together a springboard for launching multiple product lines,too. She likewise published several architecture books consisting of Candice Olson onDesign: Inspiration and Ideas for your Home and also Candice Olson: Kitchen& Bathrooms.

Olson is married to builder Jurij Sennecke and the couple has 2 children. Fans will certainly remember the hold discussing she pregnancies with both Pyper and also Beckett throughout the second and fourth seasons the Divine Design.

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Would Olson ever revive Divine Design or Candice speak All? It’s definitely possible. Yet with a flourishing career and successful product lines, it doesn’t sound choose she has actually to.