Known because that killing business partners and also friends, the notorious government informant, and also ex-Harlem drug kingpin, Alberto Geddis “Alpo” Martinez has been exit from commonwealth prison. He is right now in the witness security program awaiting his brand-new identity.

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This is fact, no rumor or speculation.

Alpo Martinez got to out come Don Diva’s CEO, Kevin Chiles v a mutual female friend. Alpo said the woman friend, “Me and Kev to be cool. Kev believes i told top top him, and also I simply want to talk to the to set the document straight with him. Deserve to you offer him the message and get earlier to me.”

“We were every friends . Coming before him killing affluent we were every cool top top the street. Us hung out. We got money. The reality that the told on anyone is not okay because that me, and there is nothing come discuss, but even if he no tell, us still wouldn’t be good because he killed Rich. I’m no cool with just how that went. –Kevin Chiles, CEO – Don Diva Magazine

Alberto Alpo Martinez

The drug kingpins in Harlem during the cracked era co-existed and were every cool through each various other to a specific extent. No necessarily friends, yet they either acquired money together, or castle partied together at once or another. This has actually led come Harlem being divided on your feelings towards Alpo, even current day. There are players who space adamant in your stance that Alpo is a snitch; his legacy has actually been tarnished, and also they want no parts of him. Over there are, of course, civilization who are neutral and also have no opinion one means or another. Yet surprisingly over there are human being who tho correspond with him and have been because that years and also don’t see anything wrong through it.

Alpo hails from Spanish Harlem and rose to importance in the coke game in the 80’s. Alongside Azie “AZ” Faison and Rich Porter, this trio–which the Roc-A-Fella movie Paid In Full to be based on–revolutionized the cocaine profession in the street Hill section of Harlem. Largely through The Jukebox, a game room Faison collection up on 145th St. Between 7th and also 8th methods where they hid money and drugs in video games prefer Pac-Man. The trio became local celebrities, flaunting exclude, cars, clothes, and jewelry, to the delight of admirers.

After a time, Alpo moved to Washington, D.C. Come live with a girlfriend. The drug conviction of Rayful Edmond, that was the premier D.C. Drug lord left a vacancy in the D.C. Medicine trade. Alpo’s signature swagger and likability nature gained him popularity on the highways of the country capitol, and he went on to become a kingpin in yet an additional city. His success in the game is largely as result of Wayne “Silk” Perry, that Alpo befriended and also recruited together his enforcer. Before long, Alpo was moving 30 kilos of coke per day. The money rolled in when the bodies hit the floor. Alpo would commit miscellaneous murders in the surname of preserving his empire. The many notable of Alpo’s murders was the January 1990 killing of well-off Porter, his right-hand man.

The feds arrested Alpo Martinez on November 6, 1991. They hit him with miscellaneous drug charges, in addition to murder and conspiracy come commit murder, including the murders of D.C. Hustler Michael “Fray” Salters and also Brooklyn dealer Domenico Benson. Though having actually done the deeds and also knowing the rule of the game, Alpo couldn’t take care of what he was facing; life behind bars or a possible death sentence. The Washington post reported that together Alpo (25) appeared in court ~ his November 1991 arrest sniffling loudly as tears welled up in his eyes. Alpo began to cooperate through the commonwealth government practically immediately. In addition to telling on anyone he could, Alpo confessed to committing 14 brutal murders.

Wayne “Silk” Perry

Alpo’s greatest betrayal was telling on Wayne “Silk” Perry, the man who defended him top top the streets, v unyielding loyalty. Alpo told the government that Wayne killed Garrett ‘Gary’ Terrell (infamous drug lord in the D.C.) and also Evelyn Carter (Hooker the could administer evidence Perry eliminated Michael Fray Salters.) On march 5, 1993, based upon Alberto Martinez cooperation the feds lugged a 27 count indictment versus Perry. The indictment contained the murders of 9 civilization in the furtherance the a continuing Criminal enterprise (CCE), racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy come distribute crack cocaine, retaliating versus a witness, kidnapping, and also robbery. Wayne would be the first person in D.C. To face the death penalty due to the fact that 1971. Perry negotiated a plea deal without cooperating through the government. Wayne pled to five counts of murder in the furtherance that a proceeding Criminal companies (CCE) because that the killings of Domenico Benson, who was shot as he shook Alpo’s hand since he accused slapped Alpo’s wife in a previous altercation through her; Evelyn Carter, that was accused cooperating v police, she was shot in the head in ~ close variety leaving constitution Hall; Yolanda Burley; Alveta Hopkins; and also Garrett “Gary” Terrell. In return for his guilty plea, few of his relatives and also friends were no indicted, and also others obtained lesser sentences. Instead of the death penalty, Perry to be sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences without special amnesty to serve his time in commonwealth prison. Alpo to be sentenced come 35 year in prison- under federal evil protection.

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Though Alpo was pertained to by some as a great dude that confronted a sentence few men would eat, the rules are the rules. You nothing rat. Transparent the streets and in hip-hop, Alpo

RIP rich Porter

is largely regarded as the most infamous snitch the the streets have seen, and a line for murdering his finest friend, well-off Porter. Though Alpo isn’t locked under anymore, he’s still not free. That will need to move modestly and also keep a low-key profile for the rest of his life when he’s used to being bigger 보다 life, law what he wants in the world.


(co-written by Ryan K. Smith)

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