In the many recent issue, over there is a summary of Unalaska as the westernmost ED in the unified States. (“There"s far EM, and also then There"s Unalaska.” EMN. 2020;42<9>:24;

Though I appreciate the reach for uniqueness, the last I checked Hawaii is still much farther west in every respects and in the united States. Perhaps you have to say continental joined States?

Thank you for remembering us out below in the Pacific! We"re simply happy to be below instead of in dark and cold Alaska; well, at least I am.

It was an interesting post otherwise, however I just had actually to let you recognize that it was check out analytically!

Brian Tobe, MD


Editor"s Note: Egg on our face!

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Letter come the Editor: Hawaii is furthermore West 보다 Alaska!
Emergency medicine News42(11):9, November 2020.
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