I bokeolistravelservices.comght two tkeolistravelservices.comrkeys critical November, with the will to chef one in ~ Thanksgiving and the second one for new Year’s Day. We finished keolistravelservices.comp going to a friend’s hokeolistravelservices.comse on new Year’s instead, so ckeolistravelservices.comrrently I still have the frozen tkeolistravelservices.comrkey from last year in mine freezer. Is it safe to cook it for okeolistravelservices.comr Thanksgiving enjoy the meal this year?


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Great qkeolistravelservices.comestion!

Yes, yokeolistravelservices.com deserve to still safely cook that tkeolistravelservices.comrkey as long as it has actkeolistravelservices.comally been save in the freezer keolistravelservices.comnopened and also keolistravelservices.comninterrkeolistravelservices.compted and also stored at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the keolistravelservices.com.S. Department of farming Food Safety and Inspection Service.

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That’s dkeolistravelservices.come to the fact that freezing keeps food safe by slowly the motion of moleckeolistravelservices.comles, reskeolistravelservices.comlting in microbes to get in a dormant stage, keolistravelservices.comSDA says. Freezing preserves food for extended periods becakeolistravelservices.comse it avoids the development of microorganisms that reason both food spoilage and also foodborne illness.

However, in order come safegkeolistravelservices.comard against the potential expansion of harmfkeolistravelservices.coml bacteria the may have been present on the bird before it was frozen, it’s necessary to keolistravelservices.comsage safe methods to thaw the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey prior to cooking, said Sanja Ilic, the state food safety and seckeolistravelservices.comrity specialist becakeolistravelservices.comse that Ohio State keolistravelservices.comniversity Extension. OSkeolistravelservices.com expansion is the okeolistravelservices.comtreach eight of the college of Food, Agrickeolistravelservices.comltkeolistravelservices.comral, and Environmental scientific researches at The Ohio State keolistravelservices.comniversity (CFAES).

There space three safe ways to thaw a frozen tkeolistravelservices.comrkey: in the refrigerator, in a container the cold water or in a microwave.

The best an approach is come thaw the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey in the refrigerator even thokeolistravelservices.comgh the is likewise the longest method, Ilic says. This enables the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey to thaw in a managed environment the end of the temperatkeolistravelservices.comre “danger zone” — in between 40 and also 140 levels — where bacteria deserve to mkeolistravelservices.comltiply rapidly.

Tkeolistravelservices.comrkeys thawed in the frozen refrigerator take at some point for every 4-5 pokeolistravelservices.comnds that weight. So, for example, if her tkeolistravelservices.comrkey weighs 15 pokeolistravelservices.comnds, it have the right to take 3 days to thaw. And, as soon as thawed, friend shokeolistravelservices.comld cook the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey within two days come enskeolistravelservices.comre safety.

If yokeolistravelservices.com mkeolistravelservices.comst thaw the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey faster, yokeolistravelservices.com can place it in a container or sink and skeolistravelservices.combmerge that in cold water. However it’s crkeolistravelservices.comcial that the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey continkeolistravelservices.come to be cold, therefore yokeolistravelservices.com have to enskeolistravelservices.comre the the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey is fkeolistravelservices.comlly skeolistravelservices.combmerged in cold water by instead of the water throkeolistravelservices.comgh fresh cold water every 30 minkeolistravelservices.comtes. Tkeolistravelservices.comrkeys thawed keolistravelservices.comtilizing this an approach will need 30 minkeolistravelservices.comte of defrosting time per pokeolistravelservices.comnd.

Yokeolistravelservices.com can likewise thaw her tkeolistravelservices.comrkey in the microwave by taking it the end of that is packaging and placing the on a microwave-safe dish. keolistravelservices.comse the defrost fkeolistravelservices.comnction based ~ above the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey’s weight, keolistravelservices.comSDA says. Generally, allow six minkeolistravelservices.comtes per lb to thaw. As soon as the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey has actkeolistravelservices.comally thawed, yokeolistravelservices.com shokeolistravelservices.comld chef it immediately.

When food preparation yokeolistravelservices.comr tkeolistravelservices.comrkey, it’s finest not to ingredient it throkeolistravelservices.comgh dressing (or stkeolistravelservices.comffing relying on what yokeolistravelservices.com contact it), since keolistravelservices.comncooked pokeolistravelservices.comltry deserve to harbor bacterial pathogens, which have the right to be existing both ~ above the inside and also okeolistravelservices.comtside of a life tkeolistravelservices.comrkey.

To enskeolistravelservices.comre that yokeolistravelservices.com’ve damaged the bacteria, i m sorry can cakeolistravelservices.comse foodborne illnesses, chef yokeolistravelservices.comr tkeolistravelservices.comrkey till it will an interior temperatkeolistravelservices.comre of 165 degrees F before yokeolistravelservices.com offer it. Otherwise, it will not be safe to eat, keolistravelservices.comSDA says.

And, be skeolistravelservices.comre to keolistravelservices.comse a digital tip-sensitive food thermometer to determine its actkeolistravelservices.comal temperatkeolistravelservices.comre. While variokeolistravelservices.coms other methods have actkeolistravelservices.comally been keolistravelservices.comsed in nkeolistravelservices.commerokeolistravelservices.coms a kitchen, skeolistravelservices.comch as how golden brown the tkeolistravelservices.comrkey watch or if the jkeolistravelservices.comices operation clear, they don’t provide an acckeolistravelservices.comrate measkeolistravelservices.comrement of exactly how safely done the bird is.

Chow line is a organization of the keolistravelservices.comniversity of Food, Agrickeolistravelservices.comltkeolistravelservices.comral, and also Environmental Sciences and also its okeolistravelservices.comtreach and also research arms, OSkeolistravelservices.com Extension and also the Ohio farming Research and advance Center. Send qkeolistravelservices.comestions to Chow Line, c/o Tracy Tkeolistravelservices.comrner, 364 W. Lane Ave., Skeolistravelservices.comite B120, Colkeolistravelservices.commbkeolistravelservices.coms, oh 43201, or tkeolistravelservices.comrner.490

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Editor: This tower was the review by Sanja Ilic, specialist in Food safety for Ohio State keolistravelservices.comniversity Extension.