Are sharks mammals or fish? It might seem like basic question, however it does catch a lot of people out. In this article, we’ll take it a look in ~ what makes a shark a fish, quite than a mammal …

Are Sharks Mammals or Fish?

Sharks space fish, no mammals.

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In order to discover out why this is, we need to discover a bit an ext about what provides a mammal a mammal … and what renders a fish a fish!

So What space Mammals?

Mammals space a huge group that diverse pets that every have details characteristics in common. Among these qualities is the female mammals create milk to feed your young.

In fact, the word ‘mammal’ originates from the clinical word for the part of a woman animal’s body that produces milk; the mammary gland.

A shark might not look choose a goldfish, however they’re both fish, no mammals!

Let’s look in ~ what makes a shark a fish…

Fish room cold-blooded vertebrates (animals v a backbone) that have actually gills (although part fish have the right to breathe using various other methods).

… Sounds choose a shark to me!

There space 3 main varieties of fish: bony fish, cartilaginous fish, and also jawless fish.

What sort of fish is a shark?

Let’s look at the different species of fish to discover out where a shark belong …

Jawless fish encompass hagfish and lampreys. They room eel-like fish, through long, thin bodies. Together their name suggests, they nothing have appropriate jaws – for this reason sharks definitely aren’t jawless fish!

95% the fish varieties are bony fish. Bony fish have skeletons made of bone. Most bony fish have a swim bladder, i beg your pardon is a gas-filled body organ that controls the fish’s buoyancy.

A shark doesn’t have a swim bladder, and also has to swim to gain to the compelled depth. Sharks aren’t bony fish.

A shark’s skeleton is make of cartilage, fairly than bone. (Cartilage is prefer bone, but more flexible.)

This method that sharks are cartilaginous fish.

Are Sharks Mammals or Fish?: Conclusion

Are sharks mammals or fish? on this page we’ve uncovered that sharks room not mammals due to a variety of reasons:

Sharks don’t produce milk come feed their young.Sharks are cold-blooded (ectothermic) and also cannot manage their own body temperatures.Sharks don’t have actually lungs, and also breathe making use of gills.Sharks don’t have actually hair. Their bodies space covered in difficult scales.

We’ve also found the sharks space fish.

In addition, due to the fact that they don’t have swim bladders, and also skeletons do of cartilage quite than bone, we’ve found that sharks room cartilaginous fish.

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