1. What is a negative number?2. Higher than and also less than3. Adding and subtracting negative numbers4. Multiplying and dividing an adverse numbers

1. What is a an adverse number?

Negative numbers are provided for example with temperatures.Below 0 °C the will begin freezing and also we usage –1 °C, –2 °C, et cetera.

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The number 0 is neither confident nor negative, yet neutral.

In Belgium and France however, this is not the case.They discover zero and also positive and negative.Numbers above zero, they contact "purely" positive and also numbers listed below zero "purely" negative.


Positive and an adverse numbers are each rather opposite.The the contrary of 3 is –3.The the opposite of –7 is 7.

2. Higher than and also less than

On the number heat the an adverse numbers room to the left of zero.


–5 is less than 4, due to the fact that –5 lies come the left of 4 ~ above the number line.–1 is greater than –3, due to the fact that –1 lies to the right of –3 on the number line.

For much less than you can use the For higher than you have the right to use the >-sign.

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Mnemonics are:1. The direction that constantly points towards the the smallest number.2. The authorize bites towards the best number.3. Friend can change +–is the very same as –––is the very same as +

Examples5+7=125+–7=5–7= –2 (you add –7 to 5)5––7=5+7=12 (you subtract –7 indigenous 5)–8+3=–5–8+–3=–8–3=–11–8––3=–8+3=–5

Do friend really uncover this difficult?

With+you will go in the direction of the best on the number line.Example: the red arrow. 0+6=6

With–you go towards the left on the number line.Example: the blue arrow. 6–5=1

You can shot to carry out the examples over with a number line.

4. Multiplying and dividing an unfavorable numbers

Remember this:
20 :
20 :–4=–5
–20 :4=–5
–20 :–4=5

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