We have actually made every effort to provide you with accurate and up to day information regarding Oklahoma window tinting laws. Please refer to you local authority for existing Oklahoma window tint legislation enforcement policies, consisting of rules and regulations, together the final authority top top Oklahoma home window tint legislation in her area.

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OKLAHOMA window TINT LAW allows THE adhering to DARKNESS because that CAR window TINTING

The darkness of color is measure up by (VLT%) clearly shows Light infection percentage. In Oklahoma home window tint law, this percentage refers to percentage of clearly shows light enabled to pass with the mix of film and also the manufacturing facility tint that the window.


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Here is what is enabled in Oklahoma window tint law:

Cars, Trucks and MPVs *Note: MPV means Multi Passenger Vehicles which are Vans and SUVs

WindshieldNon-reflective color is permitted along the optimal of the windshield above the manufacturer"s AS-1 heat OR on the optimal 5 inch of the windshield.
Front next Windows

Must allow more than a full of 25% irradiate in.

Back next WindowsMust allow more than a full of 25% light in. *(MPVs permit any irradiate transmission)
Rear WindowMust allow an ext than a full of 25% light in. *(MPVs allow any light transmission)

HOW REFLECTIVE have the right to THE color BE ~ above AUTO windows ACCORDING to OKLAHOMA home window TINT LAW?

Tinting film deserve to contain metallic aspects (silver mirror look) that assist to reflect just arrived light and also reject the glare and heat created by clearly shows light.

Front next WindowsMust not be much more than a complete of 25% reflective (silver winter look).
Back side WindowsMust not be more than a total of 25% reflective (silver mirror look).


Restricted ColorsNo colour of color are explicitly banned.
Side MirrorsDual side mirrors are required if back home window is tinted.
Certificate RequirementsManufacturers of film have to certify the movie they market in the state. Ask your dealer if they are using certified film.
Sticker RequirementsNo sticker to determine legal tinting is required.

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Medical ExemptionOklahoma window tint law enables medical exemptions for special tint. For an ext details about the specific terms of the exemption for window tinting, consult her state law.

These room the present Oklahoma window Tint Laws. Find window Tint regulations for various other states by ( clicking right here )