16 gauge? 20 gauge? 24 gauge? What does the mean? Which one’s thebest stainless stole gauge thickness for my new kitchen sink? these aresome the the concerns you can have when picking your following stainlesssteel kitchen sink. There room so plenty of brands and styles native eachmanufacturer, and you want to make sure you do an educated choice. Thisarticle will emphasis on help you decide on the thickness (gauge) of steel toshop for and also to make the best an option for your situation.

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THE paper OF STAINLESS STEEL that IS USED throughout THEMANUFACTURING process IS rolling TO A particular THICKNESS. SHEET steel ISAVAILABLE AS level PIECES OR together A COILED STRIP. THE COILS ARE formed BY RUNNINGA constant SHEET OF metal THROUGH A role SLITTER. THE THICKNESS that THE SHEETMETAL IS referred to as ITS GAUGE. THE GAUGE the SHEET steel RANGES from 30 GAUGE TOABOUT 8 many STAINLESS steel SINKS ARE manufactured USING APROCESS referred to as DEEP attract FORMING whereby A sheet OF metal IS attracted DOWN right into AFORM through A series OF STEPS referred to as REDUCTIONS. Every REDUCTION stretches THESHEET steel DEEPER and also DEEPER into THE FORM, so WHAT began OUT as AN 18 GAUGESHEET OF steel WILL NOT end up being 18 GAUGE transparent THE whole FINISHEDPRODUCT. THE market STANDARD IS come STATE THE GAUGE the THE metal THAT THEMANUFACTURING process STARTED WITH.ZERO RADIUS sinks ARE made USING A PROCESSCALLED press BRAKE forming WHERE THE SHEET metal IS BENT right into THE key SINKSHAPE UNDER TREMENDOUS push BY A MACHINE. THE SIDES space THEN added ANDWELDED come THE key ASSEMBLY, creating A box SHAPED SINK BASIN. ZERO RADIUS SINKSARE identifiable BY THEIR level SIDES and UNIQUE 90 level OR close to 90 DEGREECORNERS. Because THESE SINKS are BENT into SHAPE rather OF DRAWN, THEY retain AMORE UNIFORM THICKNESS throughout THE perfect PRODUCT.

The following table shows the actual thickness for renowned gaugesof kitchen sinks, as well as its density and % to decrease in thickness comparedto 16 stainless steel gauge, which is typically the heaviest gaugeused because that stainless stole kitchen sinks.

Gauge Decimal Inch Millimeters lb/ft2 % to decrease in Thickness Over 16 Gauge
16 0.0625″ 1.5875 2.52
18 0.05″ 1.27 2.016 20%
20 0.0375″ 0.9525 1.512 40%
22 0.0312″ 0.7925 1.26 50%
24 0.0250″ 0.635 1.08 60%

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Stainless steels are iron alloys through a minimum that 10.5% chromium. Various other alloying elements are included to improve their structure and also properties such as formability, strength and also cryogenic toughness. These incorporate metals together as:


After a testimonial of a huge sample of key players in the kitchen sink market,including Blanco, Kraus and Houzer, the most common stainless stole alloy usedin the to produce of stainless steel kitchen sinks is 304 operation gradestainless steel. The key elements added to the steel in 304 stainlesssteel space 17.5-20% Chromium (Cr) and 8-11% Nickel (Ni). Many sinkmanufacturers it seems to be ~ to select 18% chromium and also 10% nickel. Through the increasing costsof ferrochrome (used to make chromium) and shortages the nickel, one of the waysmanufacturers regulate costs the kitchen sink is come decrease the quantity ofmaterial used.

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