I currently have a collection of lights managed by two switches. I believe they room both three means switches, I know one of them is.

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I am trying to download a timer while maintaining the three way switch function. The timer has three wires: Load, Line and Neutral. Version RPLS730B. I need aid on how to wire this.

I execute not know how the setup is at this time wired as far as what each wire does. From monitoring it is wired as displayed below.

Switch 1:

black color Black Red Whites room tied togetherSwitch 2:

Red black color WhiteAdditionally if someone might explain the existing setup and also the circuit the each wire that would certainly be great. I execute not understand how they room connecting come the lights.

:edit: The traveler on switch one is Black and the traveler ~ above switch two is White.

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Thank you all for the help.

I finished up to buy an Intermatic ST01 i m sorry is intended for three means installations. They also have a youtube video that provides the install foolproof. It likewise does not need a neutral wire, a cable I carry out not have.

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If you have much more than two screws on a switch it"s more than likely a 3 way. The other choice would it is in a 120v/240v switch or something favor that for a motor pack possibly. If you have actually a black screw where the red cable is tied to on every switch, it"s a 3 way. Your are more than likely both 3 ways. They would certainly not run if they weren"t. Anyway right here are a few variations on exactly how to wire the up:


great and also easy to follow!

Forgot to cite the timer has to be a 3 way timer together well. From the pdf you connected it didn"t look favor it was unless I to let go something. I understand a most those room both solitary or 3 way depending on just how you desire to use it.

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It involves rewiring yet you can install two single means switches in parallel. I just went through this to perform a in heat bathroom fan managed at 2 bathrooms:


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