The info processing cycle, in the context of computers and also computer processing, has 4 stages: input, processing, output and storage (IPOS). However, at part levels within a computer, part processing tools actually just use three of these stages -- input, processing and also output -- there is no the should store data. Every of these stages plays an important role in the collection, evaluation and circulation actions carry out by a computer system system.

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Data must get in a system before it can be processed right into either save data or info output. The input stage of IPOS gives the way and mechanisms with which data start the IPOS model. Some experts believe the input procedure itself might be split into as many as three stages: collection, preparation and also input. However, the general view of the input stage is the data is input right into a system using some form of an intake device.

An input an equipment is maybe to collection data in ~ its source or suggest of measurement. The source of data entered into the mechanism by a person is v a keyboard, microphone or perhaps even the motion of eyes or one more body part. Other forms of intake devices, such as thermometers, sensors and also clocks, additionally meet the general an interpretation of input devices. The input stage of IPOS could also be described as the encoding stage.


Once data beginning the IPOS model, the is processed right into either save data or information. The handling agent is generally some kind of software program or firmware, through a particular action handled a particular kind of data. In a portable or desktop computer, it is usual for the handling agent come be active even before the data enters. In fact, that is additionally common for the processing software to request data and also guide its input process.

Processing can variety from relatively small and basic to very large and complex. Regardless, the sole objective of the handling stage is to transform the life input data into a form that can be stored for later use or administer information calculation for more processing or interpretation.


Output handling in IPOS sends details to a screen screen, a printer, a plotter, a speak or part other tool that human being senses can interpret. However, the output stage could store the data in a brand-new format or transform the processed data into an intake to another IPOS module as well. For most users, output method either a screen on a monitor display or a printed file or graphic. Calculation can additionally mean data, details or coding.

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The storage phase of IPOS deserve to occur directly from or come the processing or the output stages. The storage stage can serve together a pseudo-input or pseudo-output phase for the processing stage. The handling stage might need to store data for later on use or recall formerly stored data because that processing new data native the input stage. The calculation stage may store processed data as info for screen by an additional IPOS module when needed. The storage phase does not only store data or details on a fixed storage medium, such together a tough disk, but can likewise store data and also information ~ above removable media, such together a flash drive, CD-ROM or DVD.

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