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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of a solar flare – as checked out in the bright flash on the right side – top top Sept. 10, 2017. Credits: NASA/SDO/Goddard

This way light particles space smashing into each various other very, really fast. They fight each other so fast and also so hard they kind of adhesive together. This is what scientists contact “fusion” and also it can reason other elements and atoms to it is in created. Every this task causes a lot of of power to it is in released, i beg your pardon heats up every little thing near it.

The hottest part of the sun is that core. The heat and also light spreads the end from the center of the ball of gas towards the edges, and that’s what provides the sun glow.

So there is no typical “flame” in the sun – at the very least not like the flames we have actually in a fire here on planet – because the energy and also light and also heat is comes from the atom reaction.

And due to the fact that there’s no typical flame, you don’t require oxygen.

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Did you know the sun is likewise loud?

All this task inside the sun creates a many sound waves. For this reason the sunlight is loud and vibrates prefer a church bell.

The high temperatures inside make sound waves travel super fast and also smash right into each other, and also that’s what reasons the vibration. Solar quakes shake the Sun an extremely ferociously. These can cause what we contact “solar flares”, where a an effective burst of power shoots the end from the Sun.

Here’s a video clip of a solar flare that taken place in 2017:


I to be an astrophysicist fascinated by the vibrations that the Sun. I am browsing to discover an ext quakes within the Sun and also other stars, as well (after all, the sunlight is just a star).

If you room interested in finding solar quakes, too, check out the pictures from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

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