An atom with one to 3 valence electron would have actually to get seven to 5 valence electrons, dong to get a steady octet.

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It is easier for it to donate electrons and expose the secure octet of electron in the shell below..

(A) is wrong. You can"t relocate electrons come a lower shell, due to the fact that it"s currently full.

(B) is wrong. The atom will certainly donate electrons.

(C) is wrong. Moving electrons come a higher shell will certainly make the atom more unstable.

Rita divides Avogadro’s number (approximately 6.022 mc002-1.jpg 1023) by 2.0550 to calculation the number of atoms in a sample. Wh
Here you have two numbers. Avogadro"s number is given with four significant figures, while number 2.0550 is given with five far-ranging figures. That means that your an outcome must be presented with four significant figures. So, 6.022 * 10 ^ 23 / 2.0550 = 2.930 * 10 ^ 23, which has actually been rounded come four far-ranging figures. 2.930 * 10 ^ 23

32g the sulfur will react with48g of oxygen to create 80g that sulfur trioxide. If 16g that sulfur and 100g that oxygen are put int
Write a well balanced equation to uncover the massive of product making use of stoichiometryShare this and aid others!

2g the sulfur will certainly react with 3g the oxygen to develop 5g of sulfur trioxide. If 32g that sulfur and 100g the oxygen are inserted into a sealed container and permitted to react, how much sulfur dioxide will certainly be produced?

In the space station, a 2 mole sample that neon is preserved at 1.In the an are station, a 2 mole sample the neon is maintained at 1.0atm and 5 : The volume of the gas is, 8.24018 L

Solution : Given,

Moles of gas = 2 moles

Pressure the gas = 1 atm

Temperature the gas = 50 K

Molar volume mediate factor, b = 0.01709 L/mole

Gas constant, R = 0.08206 together atm/mole K

Formula provided for genuine gas :



P = pressure of gas

V = volume of gas

T = temperature the gas

R= gas constant

n = number of moles of gas

b = molar volume correction factor

a = push correction factor

The value of "a" is zero

Now placed all the offered values in this formula, we get the volume the gas.




Therefore, the volume of the gas is, 8.24018 L

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What perform scientists use to increase the surface ar area of a solute
marta <7>

use a mortar & pestle to grind the solute right into smaller particles, thus increasing the surface ar area.

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1. Patience is admitted through neck injury which has resulted in a ns of role in your thyroid.
Vladimir <108>

A. (i think)


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