The prize I"m looking for is similar to the one created by mathfrakX, yet with a Y rather of one X. I"ve spent hrs looking for this, combed through every character perform I deserve to find, tried dekeolistravelservices.comify, and also I can"t uncover the answer anywhere. If this question has been inquiry before, ns apologize, please direct me come it, I"ve looked and also haven"t uncovered it. Thanks!

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Since it is not precisely clear if you desire a typical "Y" or a fraktur "Y", I carry out both... (note the these space designed to take up the same room as one unadulterated "Y" or mathfrakY)

The stoke elevation can be adjusted with the first argument that stackengine.

documentclassarticleusepackageamssymbusepackagestackenginedefstrokeYensurestackMathstackengine0pt-,YOcFTLdefstrokefracYensurestackMathstackengine0pt,-mathfrakYOcFTLegindocument$strokeY = X$$strokefracY = X$enddocument



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