One of the most renowned Kid Rock songs of every time, "Picture," was co-written by the rocker and Sheryl Crow. The chart-climbing solitary from his albumCockypeaked ~ above the BillboardHot 100 chart at number four. Many of the people probably doesn"t establish there space two versions of the song because of a bit of drama behind the scenes.

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Though initially recorded through Crow, son Rock"s label Atlantic documents was unable to get permission native Crow"s label to relax their variation as a single. Weird considering she shows up singing her component of the duet in the music video. The song had actually to it is in re-recorded through Allison Moorer in order to it is in released, yet radio stations ignored this and still play the Crow variation as well.

The tune is even credited as son Rock special Sheryl raven or Allison Moorer return the 2 versions carry out have various guitar solos the make castle distinguishable.

Because the people needed an additional version, LeAnn Rimes perform the tune with son Rock on his 2003 Christmas TV special, A child Rock Christmas. Possibly it"s due to the fact that this was a one-time thing, however I think this is my favorite version. Rimes" voice is such a nice compliment to child Rock (who likewise seems genuinely puffy away), they really should arrangement on consistently performing together choose this. Maybe following up is "Redneck Paradise"?

This write-up was originally published in December the 2019.

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"Picture" Lyrics:

Living mine life in a sluggish hellDifferent girl every night in ~ the hotelI ain"t watched the sunshine in three damn daysBeen fueling up on cocaine and also whiskeyWish I had a good girl to miss out on meOh Lord i wonder if I"ll ever adjust my ways

I put your snapshot awaySat down and cried todayI can"t look in ~ youWhile I"m lying next to herI put your picture awaySat down and also cried todayI can"t look in ~ you while I"m lying beside her

I referred to as you critical night in the hotelEveryone knows however they won"t tellBut your half-hearted smiles call me something just ain"t rightI"ve been wait on you because that a lengthy timeFueling increase on heartaches and cheap wineI ain"t heard from friend in 3 damn nights

I put your snapshot awayI wonder where you"ve beenI can"t look at you when I"m lyin" next to himI placed your picture awayI wonder whereby you"ve beenI can"t look in ~ you when I"m lyin" next to him

I experienced ya yesterday with an old friendIt to be the same old very same how have you beenSince you"ve been gone mine world"s to be dark and greyYou reminded me the brighter daysI hope you were coming house to stayI to be headed come churchI was off to drink friend away

I thought about you because that a lengthy timeCan"t it seems to be ~ to obtain you turn off my mindI can"t recognize why we"re living life this wayI found your photo todayI make an oath I"ll readjust my waysI just dubbed to speak I desire you come come back home