King James version (KJV)

I have yet countless things to say to you, but you can not bear lock now.

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American King James variation (AKJV)

I have yet numerous things come say come you, yet you cannot bear them now.

American standard Version (ASV)

I have yet numerous things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

Basic English translate in (BBE)

I have actually still lot to say come you, but you space not solid enough for it now.

Webster's Revision

I have yet plenty of things to say to you, yet ye can not bear them now.

World English Bible

"I have yet countless things to tell you, but you can't be afflicted with them now.

English Revised version (ERV)

I have yet many things to say depend you, but ye cannot bear them now.

Ye cannot bear them now - In illustration of these three points, Christ had many things to say; yet he uncovered that his disciples can only bear general truths; yet, in saying what that did, he sowed the seed of the entirety system that theological knowledge, and also heavenly wisdom, i beg your pardon the holy Spirit the this truth afterwards watered and ripened into a glorious harvest that light and salvation, by the to adjust of the apostles. Dr. Lightfoot supposes the the points which the apostles could not bear now were such together these:1. The institution of the Christian Sabbath, and the abolition the the Jewish.2. The denial of the entirety Jewish nation, at the very time in i m sorry they meant to be collection up and also established because that ever.3. The entire change of the totality Mosaic dispensation, and the bringing the Gentiles right into the Church the God.

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I have yet numerous things to say ... - over there were plenty of things pertaining to the work-related of the Spirit and also the facility of religion which could be said. Jesus had offered them the outline; he had actually presented to them the an excellent doctrines that the system, yet he had not entered details. This were things which they can not then bear. They to be still full of Jewish prejudices, and were not all set for a full advance of his plans. He probably refers right here to the an excellent change which to be to take place in the Jewish device - the abolition the sacrifices and the priesthood, the adjust of the Sabbath, the refusal of the Jewish nation, etc. Because that these doctrines they were not prepared, yet they would in early time be teach them by the holy Spirit.

16:12 I have yet countless things to say - worrying my passion, death, resurrection, and also the aftermath of it. These points we have, not in unsure traditions, however in the Acts, the Epistles, and the Revelation. Yet ye can not bear them now - Both because of your littleness of faith, and also your immoderate sorrow.