The expression ‘ice in mine veins’ is gift used almost everywhere TikTok best now, but what does the mean?

As you’ve to be scrolling v TikTok recently, friend may have seen a the majority of videos where civilization use the phrase ‘ice in mine veins’.

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It’s usually provided alongside a bizarre hand gesture, and it’s confusing everyone on TikTok.

So what go ‘ice in mine veins’ in reality mean? Let’s find out.


Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

What does ‘ice in mine veins’ mean?

‘Ice on mine veins’ is being used all over TikTok ideal now, and also it’s actually a expression that originates from sport.

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If someone has actually ‘ice in your veins’, the essentially way that they room “cold-blooded”, and it’s often used by NBA stars and other sportsmen to explain the emotion of gift clutch under pressure.

Usually, it applies to the final minutes that a match when the video game is on the line and also you have to use all your strength and also determination to succeed, execute well and ensure that you win.

I had to questioning my little sister describe the ice cream in my veins pose or whatever bc I"d only seen world do the on tiktok