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Wife decided she desires to have actually BEAT however does not desire to adjust head unit. Installing one Alpine V-12 401 & one Soundstream 200s 12in pioneer shallow mount & 2 to adjust Focal seperates . I require stereo wiring shade codes to cable up regulate tech x-over? Does any type of have manufacturing facility wiring Diaigram or service manual that might send me this pages of information ?
Have friend tried girlfriend may find the info there. You need to sign in through a password however it is free. If canadian girlfriend will have to sign in v an american address.

Once you"ve navigated come the ETM section for your vehicle at hmaservice, be recommend that all of the cable colors are solitary letter coded. Nuts - couldn"t uncover my nifty graph to upload.It"s pretty clear. O = orange, G = green, B = black, Br = brown, R = red, W = white, etc. If you gain stuck anywhere, let us know.
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