We’ve watched Katniss Everdeen execute some amazing trick shots. From shooting an apple the end of a pig’s mouth in “The Hunger Games” to rapid-fire archery in “Catching Fire,” and shooting explosive arrows in the trailer because that “Mockingjay: component I,” it’s clear the woman is extremely skilled.

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We understand Jennifer Lawrence’s original archery coach was Khatuna Lorig, a five-time Olympian and Olympic medalist who clearly taught her just how to shooting well. However, we additionally know Hollywood bring away liberties through shooting form. So, room Katniss’ archery methods real? Do they line up v the actions of shooting the USA Archery teaches? Let’s take it a look.


The “Catching Fire” archery simulator scene shows Katniss’ feet slightly angled towards the target, v her front foot contempt behind her rear foot, offering her an open up stance. Verdict? Real.


Katniss nocks her arrows – meaning that she fastens them safely ~ above the bowstring – superfast. We’re not certain if she double-checks come ensure even if it is the arrow is correctly aligned, or if the arrow is snap onto the bowstring (nocked) in the exactly place. Verdict: Undecided.

Hook and Grip

Katniss has her knuckles curled roughly the bowstring, i m sorry is no correct; the back of her hand must be flat and also relaxed, and also the bowstring put closer come the first joint of she index, middle and ring fingers. Her fixed – the hand that holds the bow – also shows a finger ~ above the arrow, which isn’t safe. We’d readjust this part of her archery techniques. Verdict: no real.

Posture (Set)


Jennifer Lawrence has actually beautiful red-carpet posture, and it shows when she’s in character, too. Her Katniss has a level back, short shoulders and also she usually appears to it is in in an excellent alignment. Verdict: Real.

Raise Bow (Setup)

In archery, setup is the plot of raising the bow. Katniss raises that bow fast, yet then delivers a knockout punch. We’d tell she to sluggish down, but otherwise, Katniss’ setup is a an excellent start. Verdict: Real.


We’d love to see Katniss advanced the bow and draw the bowstring back more slowly, with a smoother motion. That would aid her to save her top body in far better alignment, and also give her a stronger shot. Verdict: actual … yet needs work.


With a longbow (the bow type Katniss shoots), archers normally pull the bowstring ago to in ~ or over the edge of the mouth. This is dubbed the “anchor point.” Katniss supplies the under-the-chin anchor point commonly supplied by Olympic recurve archers, and we regularly see her illustration the bowstring previous her anchor point, i beg your pardon is a no-no. Verdict: no real.



Once she’s reached her anchor point, we watch Katniss pulling she elbow simply a little farther back, transporting the bow’s weight right into her ago muscles before she shoots. Verdict: Real.


We can’t be details when Katniss beginning aiming, but top archers perform not aim until they have fully drawn, anchored, and also transferred the bow’s weight into their backs. As soon as they’re completely aligned, they aim for 2 to 3 seconds. Verdict: Real…we think.

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Release and also Follow Through

Coach Khatuna Lorig stated she operated on this v Lawrence, and it shows. Katniss keeps her draw hand close to her face and also neck as she publication the bowstring, and also follows v with strong back muscles. Verdict: Real.

Overall? Lawrence’s Katniss is the real archery deal. We would encourage her to sluggish down when feasible because resting between shots is necessary for toughness and great shooting. But who space we come argue with a woman that shoots explosive arrows into the sky?