New-York historic will it is in closed because that the vacation on Wednesday and Thursday, November 24-25. Us are open up for continual hours on Friday, November 26.

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The New-York Historical culture and NYC Media, the main network the the City of brand-new York, have partnered to create a special series of 90 one-minute videos that function the staff of the New-York Historical society as lock answer few of the many captivating questions ever before posed to them about the City’s fascinating and unique history. And now, the series has been nominated because that a brand-new York Emmy award!

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Help us present groundbreaking exhibitions and develop education programs around our nation"s background for an ext than 200,000 schoolchildren annually.


The Holland Tunnel was developed (1920-1924) through pneumatically pushing cylindrical shields v the flow bottom. The shields not only dug v mud but also served as the covering beneath i beg your pardon the yes, really tunnel walls (built that iron ring filled v concrete) were constructed. 2 shields were used—one began on the new York shore and the various other on the brand-new Jersey shore. They met in October 1924.