The ancient Greeks may be most well known for their ideas and also philosophies top top government and politics. It was in Greece, and particularly Athens, the democracy was first conceived and also used as a primary type of government.

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The Greek City-StateAncient greece was consisted of of city-states. A city-state to be a major city and the surrounding areas. Each city-state had actually its very own rule and government. Occasionally the city-states battled each other. Athens and also Sparta to be the two biggest city-states and also they had plenty of wars and also battles.Types the GovernmentThere were 3 main species of government:Democracy - A government ruled by the people, or assembly. Officials and leaders were elected and all citizens had actually a say.Monarchy - A solitary ruler like a king. In Athens this ruler was called a Tyrant.Oligarchy - when the federal government is rule by a tiny group.Over time part city-states, choose Athens would adjust governments. Periodically they were ruled by Tyrants and, at various other times, they to be a democracy.
Athenian DemocracyDemocracy in old Greece was very direct. What this method is that all the citizens vote on every the laws. Quite than poll for representatives, choose we do, each citizens was expected to poll for every law.They did have officials to operation the government, however. Most of this officials were preferred by a lottery. So every citizen had actually a chance, regardless of your popularity or wealth, to become an official. A couple of key positions to be voted on, such as the treasurer and the 10 generals who ran the army (also dubbed the strategoi).Who can vote?In order come vote, you had actually to it is in a citizen. However, no everyone who resided in Athens was a citizen. Only males who had completed their army training to be counted as citizens.Bodies of GovernmentThere to be three key bodies of the government: the Assembly, the the supervisory board of 500, and also the Courts.The Assembly consisted of all citizens who verified up come vote. Everyone that was a citizen could participate as component of the assembly. The assembly would certainly decide on new laws and also important decisions, favor whether or not to go to war.The Council oversaw lot of the day-to-day to run of the government. The the supervisory board was established by lottery. If her name was chosen, then you would be ~ above the council because that one year.The Courts tackled lawsuits and also trials. The courts had huge juries to help make decisions. For personal lawsuits the jury was at the very least 201 people, for public lawsuits the jury was at least 501 people.

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