Do you, your family members or someone you know need Iyanla’s aid in addressing their life?

Iyanla Vanzant is now casting for season 6 of her inspirational show that airs top top the Oprah Winfrey Network. Iyanla is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker that tries to aid others boost their lives. She uses her past, in which she had actually to overcome obstacles and an individual struggles to become stronger, in bespeak to help others enhance their futures.

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Secrets are revealed, truths uncovered and emotions permit out as Vanzant teaches world how to pull ago the curtain on what isn’t working in their stays in stimulate to solve those problems.

Does this sound like you or anyone you might know?

If so, the show’s spreading team is currently accepting submissions.

Husbands and also wives in conflictInfidelitySibling IssuesMomma’s boysSecret childrenFamily member’s bad behaviorWhy won’t friend marry meAdult boy won’t leave your houseMy parental won’t target out of mine lifeMothering challengesSingle dad problemsStep-parent conflictMother-in-law issuesCouples through financial issuesSpiritual abuseBroken relationship with God

Apply digital at or email [email protected] with your story, contact info and also some picture for much more info.

Please sign or share v anyone who could use some help.


37 thoughts on “Casting call for new Season the Iyanla fix My Life”


Hi Iyanla,I am a brand-new wife and mother. My are afraid is that the pathology the you point out in your publication “Peace from damaged Pieces” continues. Ns seen particular fears of pathologies projected native me onto mine daughter. She is 15 months and everyone speak me I should put she in modeling or some kind of infant casting. I have heard this indigenous family and strangers for the previous 6 months. Ns did not seek It since of fear. Ns too, provided to desire to rap and also dance (I went to dance college for 14 years) however my mom said she wasn’t paying for me to walk to college because that dance and also my dad ongoing to make broken promises around taking me to new York come showcase my craft (at the very least he acted prefer he thought in me). Nonetheless, I pick to play everything safe, I perform not take it chances… i am a recent HU graduate and also I am now a decided Language Pathologist. Funny exactly how you mention pathology in your publication quite often and I am a pathologist that can’t figure out how to become my own woman and begin to break the cycle and end or cure the pathology. Nonetheless, ns am not composing for me. Ns am composing to be far better for my 15 month old daughter. I perform not desire to push her into a television, modeling, acting or any kind of career for the matter, if that’s not what she desires. However, I perform want to reveal her to various things and allow her to explore all extra curricular activities: volleyball, gymnastics, piano, dance, soccer, acting, piano, etc. I desire her to come to be her very own person. However, I often operate out of fear. Ns don’t want to task my fears on her however I discover myself law so. Ns am speak this due to the fact that at least 10 strangers have told me she must be a baby model and 4 household members. I constantly laugh them off. I never act top top it due to the fact that I figured its your opinion and also I am supplied to play it safe. The worry is not exposing mine daughter to the sector – the problems are my fears associated with doing so. My fear of failing – so ns don’t even try. As you deserve to imagine, I enable fear to avoid me or make me hesitant from doing many things in life. In reality, I’m lost and I have actually so much self doubt and also self-esteem issues. I claimed all this to say – this is bigger 보다 the me. It is around me ending up being a an excellent mom however I must heal a fearful, anxious overthinker in me. This makes me can not to totally use my best judgement and make a sound decision. So despite the example about exposing mine daughter to different tasks and investing in her. I now recognize that ns myself, need to invest in my psychological health and heal the pathology in ~ so the I can raise a daughter who does not need to heal from much less pathologies.

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I’m from boring Canton Ohio, I’ll it is in 21 following month (Let’s just start with I’m a CANCER) my life has definitely been an interesting roller coasters. Mine grandma increased me, both my parents space a live however; mine Father remained in prison 14 years of mine life & mine Mother just never done her part as a mom. I have experience points in life which reason me to prosper up faster and also I would never wish top top anyone. I have a huge heart however I endure from depression and anxiety yes, really bad. I start college in August significant in Social work-related & psychology. I have the right to never resolve my very own problems. However somehow aid others. Ns don’t have the best relationship through my family members I constantly feel the people is versus me days i wanna give up however my mr doesn’t allow me. I have tried to look for for assist but never fully received it.


Please aid me and my family. Mine 37 year old daughter was held at knife allude 3 days ago by her female partner of 7 years. Your relationship has actually been verbally and also physically violent for almost the totality 7 years. Now she is in jail and facing time due to the fact that it is her third strike and my daughter is in contact with her and also her family. She believes it is she fault. Everyone in the family is fear of my daughter enabling her partner to stay and maybe even come back. Mine daughter has a restraining order against her that includes my 16 year old Grandson. My daughter go not desire to speak to the family around it! We are sinking in emotional death. Please help us. Mine daughter has actually a 21 and a 16 year old who room watching her and a mom who is scared shitless…pardon mine profanity