Washing American Girl Doll Hair Is easy as apologize Pie

Washing an American Girl doll"s hair is an easy once you have actually the best tools, the ideal supplies and the right little helpers.

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American Girl dolls are much more than just your child"s favourite friend—they"re one investment and a lover heirloom to be passed down to the following generation of doll lovers. Continuous handling, no matter exactly how loving, deserve to take the sleek shine the end of one American Girl doll"s hair, leaving it frizzy, tangled and dull. The American Girl company offers a doll salon whereby they have the right to restore those glorious tresses, however it"s much much more practical, and an ext fun, come wash and also style the doll"s hair in ~ home.

Setting Up

American Girl dolls have soft fabric bodies that have to not obtain wet or they run the threat of emerging mold. The an initial step in washing your doll"s hair is come undress the doll. Tiny hands can do this. Climate wrap the cloth body in plastic cling pave to protect it from acquiring wet. If the kids involved are old sufficient to reach the toilet or kitchen sink, place a folded hand towel at the leaf of the sink. Lay the doll face up top top the towel so the her head is hanging end the sink"s edge and her hair is in the sink. Smaller children may require their salon set up v a basin on the kitchen table, where they deserve to kneel top top a chair to help. Location a washcloth across the doll"s challenge to defend her eyes, which will certainly rust if they obtain wet. This is a great moment to talk about any fears small children can have around having your own deals with covered while their hair is gift washed.

Lathering Up

While it looks and also feels startlingly like human being hair, all American Girl doll hair is do of Kanekalon, a wig fiber the is sewn onto a mesh wig cap very much like the method people"s wigs room made. This cap is then glued top top the doll"s head.

If you"re having a group doll spa experience, much less expensive dolls have their hair attached directly to their heads, therefore you have the right to wash their hair indigenous the scalp down. Those v plastic body don"t need them covered by a towel, but it renders the salon aspect feel an ext real. Older kids can carefully wet every doll"s hair through lukewarm water when you organize the washcloth over the face. Smaller kids might require these roles reversed.

Wash the doll"s hair with fragrance-free baby shampoo. Lather along the size of the hair, working from an customs or two away from the scalp down to the ends. Be cautious not to gain the wig lid wet on your American Girl doll, due to the fact that water can then seep into her head. Rinse v lukewarm water, again functioning from near the head down to the ends.

Drying Off

Squeeze out any type of excess moisture with a soft, clean towel. Older kids can fashion a bath towel turban as with grown-up ladies wear in ~ the spa. When the doll"s hair is largely dry, brush it out closely with an American Girl hairbrush created for the dolls. Never ever use a person hairbrush on her doll"s hair, because it can transfer hair oil or styling products. Being motivated to take the time to tenderness tease out any kind of snarls rather than simply yanking on them is a great lesson in patience and also compassion. It will certainly also an outcome in smoother, shinier hair.

Finishing Up

Braid or style the doll"s hair, yet don"t use any type of kind that styling product such as mousse, gel or hairspray, due to the fact that this will only make the doll"s hair dull again and can actually damages it. Produce curls by wrapping tiny sections that hair roughly a finger or a pencil. Don"t usage a curling iron, level iron or blow dryer, unless it is blowing cool air, since heat can likewise damage the doll"s hair.

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Invest in wig shampoo and conditioner if her child"s American Girl doll frequently receives an enthusiasm overabundance that love.