The one point our Grandmother's constantly had was perfect high volume hair with huge sexy bounce. Grandma's dirty little beauty secret doesn't have to stay stashed in the past.

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Velcro rollers are still here producing awesome volume, display screen worthy curls, and wonderful waves.

These underrated hair care tools come in a range of sizes and are affordable enough for any budget.

Stop burning her fingers trying to usage your flat iron for fancy waves. No much more fighting because that floor room with curling stole cords in your bathroom. Forget unplugging your nightlight to do room in her outlet for one more appliance.

Velcro rollers room low maintenance and also here to stay.

Check out this ultimate guide to the best velcro rollers and also how to use them.

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1 Best means to usage velcro rollers1.1 have the right to I usage velcro rollers on wet hair?

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Best way to use velcro rollers


While you deserve to create any look you want v your velcro rollers, there space some finest practices to follow that will certainly make making use of them much easier no issue what layout you room going for.

You need to consider how long, exactly how thick, and how healthy your hair is.

Velcro rollers room awesome for every hair types, and knowing which size roller you need for the layout you desire will save you a ton that time! check out on for few of the finest ways to usage velcro rollers.

Can I use velcro rollers ~ above wet hair?

Velcro rollers in reality work best with wet hair. Not dripping wet, together this will dilute your styling product and take forever to dry. But, wet hair that has been untangled will shape the best and give you the longest lasting results.

After you've toweled her hair dry, comb through it to eliminate tangles. Massage in your setup lotion and also get to work.

All layouts will require little sections of damp hair to it is in wrapped about your roller either towards or far from your face. For many looks, you'll want to start at the ends of your hair and roll in toward your roots.

You can also use magnetic hair rollers if you'd rather not use velcro. They additionally work good on slightly damp hair.

What around the rest of the process?

As you produce hair sections and also prepare to set your rollers, you desire to offer each section a comb with to make certain it hasn't tangled up again.

You want smooth hair to go on her roller so as soon as you take it out it's smooth and also well curled. Starting with a mess will certainly leave you v one!

Leave velcro rollers in until your hair is completely dry. You have the right to speed the drying process up with your blow-dryer if you require to. Make certain to feeling hair the next to her roots and your roller to make sure the more thickness pieces room dry.

It might be a good idea to practice with your velcro rollers a few times as soon as you've bought a set. You'll acquire to know exactly how dry to let your hair gain when friend start and how long it take away for your hair to entirely dry.

Don't do yourself so late for job-related by avoiding a dried run v your rollers. If you've obtained a the majority of hair it can take a if for her hair come set. You'll additionally be more confident as you find out what sizes to usage in your hair to create much more styles.

The easiest way to capitalize on time invested waiting for your velcro rollers to dry is to do your assembly while your wait!

I love setup my rollers and then using my assembly or paint my nails till they are prepared to go. I don't feel like I'm wasting time, and it go by a lot of faster!

Velcro rollers room a supervisor easy method to develop a various look every day. Have fun through them!

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How do I gain my hair out of velcro rollers?

Once your hair is dry and your curls room set, you're ready to unveil your style!

Avoid tugging or pulling on her roller as soon as removing it. This can turn your curls into a frizzy, fluffy mess.

Take the end of her roller and also slowly unwind it, away from her face. When used correctly, your velcro rollers shouldn't reason you any kind of heartache at all.

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Can ns sleep through velcro rollers?

You can sleep v your velcro rollers in, however you may discover it uncomfortable.

You'll want to use a hair network or various other covering to make certain your rollers remain in place while you sleep. Girlfriend don't desire to wake up up v a mess and also have to start from square one through your hair!

Do velcro rollers damages hair?

Velcro rollers room a great, heat cost-free alternative styling tool. Unlike classic curling and also flat irons, friend don't need any heat come create large style.

While you can speed up your beauty process by drying your hair through your blow-dryer, it isn't necessary, unless you have a time crunch.

Since girlfriend don't need to use heat to gain these babies come perform, there's small to no danger of damaging your hair by utilizing them.

If you are continuously yanking the end your rollers you can start seeing issues like too much frizz and split ends. Yet that's much more on you than the roller.

Making certain you room using high quality setting lotions and also sprays will include an extra layer of protection to your hair. They will also assist smooth flyaways and give her shine a boost.

Let's dig in to some products!

Best velcro roller for fine hair

Velcro rollers space a perfect device for well hair. Since there's no heat, your hair is for sure from damage that other commodities might cause.

The best velcro rollers for fine hair are these Self Stick, self Grip stop Hair Rollers. They are a smaller roller and also will hold larger part of well hair for good results.

When utilizing velcro rollers on good hair, start at the crown of her head and also work down to the nape of her neck, and then do the same from your challenge to the back of her head on each side.

Allow them come dry completely before unrolling them in the very same fashion you set them.

Don't pull too much on your curls ~ you've released your rollers. Too much tugging will pull your layout out, and also leave her fine hair looking limp and also sad.

You can learn an ext about exactly how to use velcro rollers on fine hair here, wherein I've written around it an ext extensively.

Best size velcro roller because that volume

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If mega volume is her plan, stick with the biggest roller that provides sense for your hair.

Short hair will certainly take ideal to medium-sized rollers, while lengthy thick hair will certainly need huge to extra big rollers.

Place them first at her crown and work vertically under the political parties and back of your head to get your hair together high as possible.

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Best Velcro Roller for quick hair

When you're shopping for velcro rollers for brief hair, there room a couple of points to take in to account.

First, what dimension velcro roller execute you require for short hair? choose the barrel top top a curling iron, the much shorter your hair, the smaller tool you want.

Using little to medium-sized rollers for styling your short hair will provide you the finest looking results. These will leave many of room to role your curler a couple of times toward your head after you have actually wrapped her hair roughly it.

If you select to big a roller, you might end up through silly, directly up and also down styling the is more Halloween 보다 girl's night out.

Next, think about how to usage velcro rollers in your short hair.

For huge volume, place your an initial medium size roller at the very front of your head and roll it down towards your face. Work in smaller sized sections to the earlier of your head, with medium rollers, winding these far from your face.

Continue at the sides of her head by creating vertical rolfes from her crown come the nape of your neck. After her hair is has dried, unroll your curls!

For much more curl 보다 volume, do this procedure with tiny rollers.

The finest velcro rollers for brief hair is this set the 16 self Grip hold Hair Rollers. This is a full collection of tool rollers, to offer you big volume in your quick hair.

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Best velcro rollers for long hair

When styling lengthy hair with velcro rollers, you may need more than one collection to obtain the task done. You'll want huge and extra huge rollers to manage the length and also thickness of her hair.

While velcro rollers room designed to be me sticking, you might want to take into consideration roller clips to hold your hair in place.

Using clips rather of pins helps avoid kinks in your curls when you let your hair down.

When you have an ext hair wound about a velcro roller, castle don't always hold as well as they should. Clips store them in place and also make the moment you invested winding all those sections precious it!

Keep long hair in place by making use of hair clips!

One the the finest velcro rollers for lengthy hair is this jumbo set. They're large enough come handle long hair and have a strong grip.

To use your velcro rollers for long hair, begin by parting her hair right into multiple sections.

Splitting in ~ the an extremely top, in the middle, and also on each side provides it easiest to job-related with.

Start at the bottom of each section and work your way to the top. This helps prevent tangles and makes her rollers much easier to set. Friend should end up with numerous rows of rollers approximately your head.

After 20-30 minutes, her hair must be dry and ready because that waves! With lengthy hair, it's particularly important to check for dryness every the method to your scalp. It will certainly take longer to collection your format if you have more hair.

Unroll her rollers slowly and also use her fingers to separate your waves and get the shape you want!

Alternatives come Velcro Rollers

If, for part reason, you can't use velcro rollers, over there are various other hair rollers come try.

For heatless curls there is no the damage, try any the the following alternatives:

How to gain beach waves with velcro rollers

Beach waves are all the rage. They constantly have been, and also they probably constantly will be! You deserve to use velcro rollers to obtain runway format with tiny effort and also zero risk of heat damage to your hair.

Start through sections the hair that are about 2 inches wide. These will be smaller if you have longer hair.

Varying part from 1-3" will help add dimension to your waves. Make sure, though, that with bigger sections you still have plenty of room on your roller for her all your hair. Stop overlapping hair too numerous times on your roller to make sure your hair will fully dry.

Take a section and drape the over your roller, best in the center of the size of her section. Wrap the bottom half of her hair section about the roller first.

Next, role your roller under toward your head till you're 2-3 inches from your scalp. Protect against there and also move on to your following section, utilizing a clip to organize your roller in location if friend have especially long or thick hair.

Once her hair has actually dried, work-related to eliminate one roller at a time. Comb through your hair through your finger to tousle those waves and rock the runway! Or, girlfriend know, the hallway to her office.

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What other commodities should ns use?

Applying a high quality setting lotion before you collection your rollers will help your curls form and organize your style long after you've released your curlers.

Work your setup lotion right into damp hair follow to manufacturer directions. Every product may have a different said use.

Once you've coated your locks, you deserve to begin setup your rollers and also be ~ above your means to romantic Hollywood waves.

The best setup lotion because that velcro rollers is Design Essentials organic Twist & collection Quick Dry setting Lotion. This product is recipe with organic vitamins and included proteins to add moisture to her hair and also create frizz totally free shine.

After-care of your newly curled coif is just as important as prepare work.

Setting sprays lock in her curls for every day hold. The best setting spray because that velcro rollers are formulated to prevent crunchy, crispy emotion hair. Walk for a product prefer this CHI Deep Brilliance Flexible organize Spray.

Shape what her granny gave ya with her go-to styling tool.

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Avoid heat damages using velcro rollers and also keep your hair spring healthy and also happy.